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Hello, In this blog post I will provide valuable information about 12th Marathi Digest PDF and how it can benefit the students if they study it carefully.

The Maharashtra State Board Solutions 12th in Marathi, also known as the 12th Marathi Digest, is a valuable resource for students studying. This digest contains questions and their solutions to problems encountered in the textbooks used by Class 12 students.

The file is also available in PDF form, it is still important to provide a brief overview of what the digest is and why it is important for students. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of the 12th Marathi Digest and how it can help students achieve success in their academic career.

12th Marathi Digest PDF
12th Marathi Digest PDF

What is in 12th Marathi Digest PDF

12th Marathi Digest contains solved MCQs, and Blanks that are present in 12th books. The digest provides a guide to students. When a student cant find a solution to a problem that he faces in book, then they search for Marathi digest.

Here is some examples of solved. problems.

1: कृ ती (१) | Q 1.1 | Page 5
पाठाच्या आधारेखालील चौकटी पूर्णकरा.
जीवन ववभागणारेघटक- _ _
Solution: जीवन ववभागणारेघटक – स्थिती , गती

2: कृ ती (१) | Q 1.2 | Page 5
पाठाच्या आधारेखालील चौकटी पूर्णकरा.
ववचाराांची गती म्हणजे- _
Solution: ववचाराांची गती म्हणजे- प्रगती

3: कृ ती (१) | Q 1.3 | Page 5
पाठाच्या आधारेखालील चौकटी पूर्णकरा.
अधोगती म्हणजे- _

Solution: अधोगती म्हणजे- दिशाहीनगती

4: कृ ती (१) | Q 1.4 | Page 5
पाठाच्या आधारेखालील चौकटी पूर्णकरा.
अक्षम्य आवेग म्हणजे- _
Solution: अक्षम्य आवेग म्हणजे– दवकृ ती

5: कृ ती (१) | Q 2.1 | Page 5
कृ ती करा.
गतीबाबतची लेखकानेववणिलेली ववकृ ती म्हणजे
(१) अप्रमाण गती
(२) अवास्तव गती
(३) अनावश्यक गती

6: कृ ती (१) | Q 2.2 | Page 5
कृ ती करा.
लेखकाच्यामते, जीवनअर्िपूणितेव्हाहोते, जेव्हा
Solution: (१)कामापुरतेव कामासाठी वाहन वापरलेजाते.
(२) वाहनाचा वेग आटोक्यात ठे वला.

7: कृ ती (१) | Q 2.3 | Page 5
कृ ती करा.
लेखकानेसाांवगतलेली वाहन खरेदी करण्याची कारणे
Solution: (१) मानवसक स्पधािकरणे.
(२) स्वत:च्या ऐश्वर्ािचेप्रदर्िन घडवणे.

8: कृ ती (१) | Q 2.4 | Page 5
कृ ती करा.
वाहनाचा वेग अवनवार झाला तर
Solution: (१) र्रीर-मनावर ताण र्ेतात.

(२) वचत्ताची व्यग्रता वाढते.
(३) र्रीरभर अनावश्यक स्पांदनेवनमािण होतात.
(४) हादरेबसून मज्जातांतूआवण मणके कमकु वत होतात.

9: कृ ती (१) | Q 3.1 | Page 5
कारर्ेशोधा व दलहा.
अमेररके तील माणसाांचेजीवन वेगवान असते, कारण

Solution: अमेररके तील माणसाांचेजीवन वेगवान असते;
कारण वेगवेगळ्या दठकार्ाांमधील अांतर खूपच असतेआदर् िरडोई वाहन उपलब्ध असते

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10: कृ ती (१) | Q 3.2 | Page 5
कारर्ेशोधा व दलहा.
लेखकाांच्या मते, गरजेच्या वेळी वाहनाांचा वापर करार्ला हवा; कारण
Solution: लेखकाांच्या मते, गरजेच्या वेळी वाहनाांचा वापर करार्ला हवा;
कारण रस्त्यावर अडचर्ी दनमाणर् होर्ार नाहीत.

Students will get these type of solved questions and answers. It helps students understand difficult concepts, prepare for exams.

How to use the 12th Marathi Digest effectively for studing?

1: Understand the content

Before you beging study, first, throughly go through each chapter and skim through it. It will help to understand what type of questions are solved

2: Set a study schedule

Its important to set proper schedule for studing. In order to avoid distractions, you really have to keep yourself away from social media.

3: Solve Problems on your own

The first and most important step is to solve the problems on your own. When people see solved problems, they may not even try to solve them by themselves, thinking they can simply remember the solution by reading it once. It’s crucial to carefully examine the steps provided in the 12th Marathi Digest and attempt to solve the problem independently before referring to the solutions.

Summing Up

I hope that you found this information beneficial. Below is download link to the PDF file.

12th Marathi Digest PDF

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