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Discover “A Long Time Dead” by Samara Breger in PDF format on our website. Immerse yourself in this captivating vampire romance set in 1837 London, filled with intrigue and immortality. Get your copy now!


“Somewhere foggy, 1837…” In this immersive novel, Samara Breger takes readers on a journey to a mysterious and beguiling world where the night holds secrets and immortality comes at a price. Set in the fog-shrouded backdrop of 19th-century London, “A Long Time Dead” weaves a tale of love, transformation, and vengeance in the realm of vampires.

About the Author

Samara Breger is a versatile writer and performer hailing from the vibrant New York City. In her previous life as an Emmy-nominated journalist, she delved into the realms of sexual and reproductive health. Now, she enchants readers with her captivating storytelling, creating queer narratives that blend magic and emotions. Samara Breger’s passion for her characters shines through in her work, as she infuses every story with her unique charm.


Poppy: A night-loving soul who, after an unexpected transformation into a vampire, discovers both the exhilaration and tribulations of immortality.

Roisin: A mysterious, centuries-old woman who guides Poppy through her transformation.


In the fog-draped world of 1837 London, “A Long Time Dead” by Samara Breger invites readers into a captivating tale of the supernatural. Poppy, a lover of the night, awakens one evening to find herself transformed into a vampire, forever barred from daylight. The advantages of immortality and newfound predatory abilities come at the cost of her humanity.

Guiding Poppy through this dark journey is Roisin, a centuries-old enigmatic figure. Behind Roisin’s austere facade lies kindness and care, and as Poppy adapts to her new existence, she becomes hopelessly attached to her mentor. Yet, Roisin harbors secrets, and vengeance looms on her horizon.

As their world unravels, they encounter a diverse cast of characters, from vampires to shifty pirates, conniving opera singers, and glamorous French women. A found family offers solace, but an impending threat casts a shadow over their newfound happiness.

Samara Breger’s storytelling is an exquisite blend of sensuality and suspense, breathing new life into the vampire genre. Poppy and Roisin’s relationship is a poignant exploration of love, immortality, and the pursuit of vengeance, making “A Long Time Dead” a remarkable journey into the human (or vampire) condition.

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In a genre often characterized by clichés, Breger’s narrative is a fresh and original take on the vampire mythos. This novel is a compelling queer romance that defies conventions, offering readers an unforgettable story of love, darkness, and the eternal quest for redemption in a world where night reigns supreme.


“A Long Time Dead” unfolds in the shadowy corners of 19th-century London, where Poppy’s life takes a supernatural turn when she becomes a vampire. Immortality, speed, and the thrill of predation come at the price of daylight. Roisin, a enigmatic figure with her own secrets, becomes Poppy’s mentor and the center of her world. As they navigate a world teeming with vampires, pirates, opera singers, nobles, and found families, they face an impending threat capable of shattering everything they hold dear.


Samara Breger’s “A Long Time Dead” is a breathtaking masterpiece that revitalizes the vampire genre with its intoxicating blend of sensuality and suspense. The author’s prose is nothing short of lush and evocative, painting a vivid picture of a world where darkness reigns supreme.

The characters of Poppy and Roisin are brilliantly crafted, and their relationship is both poignant and passionate. Breger skillfully delves into the complexities of love, immortality, and the unquenchable thirst for vengeance, keeping readers spellbound throughout.

This novel is not just a paranormal romance; it’s an exploration of the human (or vampire) condition, wrapped in sumptuous storytelling. Breger’s ability to evoke emotion is unparalleled, and her unique twist on the vampire mythos is a revelation.

In a genre often associated with tired clichés, “A Long Time Dead” stands as a beacon of originality and fresh storytelling. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a captivating, queer narrative that defies expectations and leaves a lasting impression. Samara Breger has truly outdone herself with this mesmerizing tale of love, darkness, and the eternal quest for redemption.

A Long Time Dead PDF Download or Read Online

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