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A Touch Of Sweetness Novel Read Online

An hour later, Vivian walked out of the Civil

Foreign Office with the red marriage certificate clutched in her hands. It was as if he was floating in the air as if everything was nothing.

but a dream: She never thought that one day she would suddenly marry a man she met by chance. Maybe it’s fate?

He looked down and looked at the photo of them sitting next to each other. The man’s expression was blank, while his own showed his unease and reservations.

Below this photo were the names of the two. How absurd is it that I just found out my new husband’s name? Of a marriage certificate, of all things! Finnick Norton. A simple but appropriate name for a man like him.

“Vivian William?” »

The man, Finnick, also looked at his marriage certificate. He spoke her name slowly, the deep timbre of his voice letting it roll gently on his tongue. Her shivers were triggered by the way he stated it.

She was still in shock from her marital status change when a hand suddenly appeared right in front of her. A card was pinched between his two fingers.

Miss William, I am aware that among the most eagerly awaited events for a lady are her wedding and her wedding band. Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that I do not have time to take care of all this. If you want a ring, you can choose one yourself.”

Throwing her head back, Vivian met Finnick’s unreadable gaze.

“There’s no need.” She gave him a quick wave. I don’t like these formalities.

She was past the age when such romantic gestures mattered to her. More importantly, she didn’t want to feel like she owed him anything, even though he was legally her husband.

“At least take a ring. With that, he grabbed her wrist and slid the card into her hand.

The moment their hands brushed against each other, the slight temperature difference sent a jolt through Vivian. I was quite surprised by his warmth.

So she accepted the card and put it aside in her pocket. You’ll have to take your transport.” His tone was still neutral. “GOOD.” She had no hope that he would treat her like a real woman, someone he would love and appreciate. That was why she wasn’t at all disappointed that he left her there.

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Suddenly he remembered something and spoke again: “By the way, I’ll send you my home address later today. Move when it’s convenient for you.”

They used to exchange phone numbers when they received their marriage certificates. “No rush!” she quickly responded.

Although it made sense that they would have to stay together after they got married, the truth was that she wasn’t ready to live under the same roof as a stranger.

Perhaps the dismissive tone of her tone was too clear, as Finnick suddenly lifted his head to look at her.

Vivian bled a little, embarrassed.

However, he did not respond. All he did was press a button on his wheelchair to turn it in another direction. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.”

“It’s good.”

She waited for him to get into a black car before she left as well. HR department. She told them that she would soon be registered in Sunshine City.

After that, he immediately took the

“That’s enough. No more discussion of it, please. He quickly changed the topic because he didn’t want to get into further depth. Do you feel prepared for the upcoming interview?

“Hahaha! Vivian’s diversionary tactic succeeded as Sarah quickly pointed to her clothes. “Vivian, what do you think?” Am I beautiful?

It was only then that Vivian noticed that her colleague was wearing a pink and white skirt ensemble. Her hair is also neatly styled. “You are very beautiful!” Viviane raved.

Tickled pink with his praise, Sarah’s eyes soon lit up with joy. Do you believe I will get a chance to date the wealthy, single Chairman of the Finnor Group, Dan?

The script will be covered to show in chapter 2 But it almost many chapters

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