A Touch of Sweetness Read Online

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A Touch of Sweetness Read Online: Vivian William and Finnick Norton are the main characters in “A Touch of Sweetness,” a romance book with a contemporary metropolis as its backdrop.

A Touch of Sweetness Read Online
A Touch of Sweetness Read Online

Chapter 1: Please Marry Me

Arriving at the civil affairs office, Vivian William was utterly dismayed to find that the man she was supposed to get her marriage certificate with had not yet arrived.

It was already more than half an hour after the agreed time. Just when she wanted to contact him, he called her.

As soon as she picked up, her angry voice echoed through the phone: “Vivian William, you liar! Have you forgotten about the kind of embarrassing thing you did in college? How dare you think of marrying me now? Let me tell you something. It will only happen in your dreams! It’s pretty clear to me now, since you quickly mentioned the wedding when we’ve only known each other for three days. If it wasn’t for my ex-girlfriend who went to the same university as you, you would have cheated on me! shameless woman!

With that, he hung up.

Vivian didn’t even get a chance to explain herself.

The fingers gripping her phone turned white as her lips moved silently.

The man didn’t bother to show his voice at all, which means a lot of people heard his phone call. The looks they were all giving her were filled with contempt and disgust, piercing her like a thousand needles.

It was like that nightmare night two years ago.

She experienced being sucked up by the night. There was simply no way out, despite his best efforts.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he paled dramatically. Without realizing it, his whole body began to shake uncontrollably.

You can tell him to come home. Tell him not to bother to come. Finnick didn’t even bother to turn his head. His piercing gaze was fixed on Vivian as he calmly added, “I don’t like pretentious women.”

“But…” His aide, a young man, had a displeased look on his face. Your grandfather constantly pushes you to get married,

As if he hadn’t heard his assistant’s words, Finnick pressed the button on his wheelchair to walk over to Vivian.

“Excuse me, Miss? Will you marry me?”

She didn’t know when it happened, but it looked like a man in a wheelchair stopped in front of her.

His features were so perfect they would take anyone’s breath away. Well-defined eyebrows rested on a chiselled face, it looked like his face was carved out of marble. It looked like a flawless masterpiece.

Despite the plain white shirt, the design showed off her slender yet powerful figure.

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He nevertheless exuded a sense of majesty and pride despite being in a wheelchair. On the contrary, it only made him seem more distant and unapproachable.

It wasn’t until the man repeated his question that Vivian snapped out of the daze she’d fallen into.


“I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation earlier. You are in a hurry to get married, aren’t you?

Her lungs gasped at his words, as humiliation and anguish washed over her.

Without waiting for her to answer, the man continued in an indifferent tone. “What a coincidence. I’m in the same boat. Since our goals are similar, why not lend a hand?”

At this point, Vivian finally understood that this man wanted them to get married. We just met though! Getting married right away is too scandalous!

His response was calm and direct, catching Vivian off guard and leaving her speechless.

“Oh, I get it now. You despise me for being crippled, don’t you?”

“Of course not!” – was his automatic response. Seeing the small glint of amusement in his dark eyes, she realized she was doing exactly what he wanted her to do.

“Teacher.” She crossed her hands cautiously in her lap before holding him with a burning gaze. “I’m pretty sure you need this wedding. If you lose that chance now, what makes you think you’ll get another one?

She had to admit he was very convincing. He is right. I desperately need this marriage. It’s probably more accurate to say that I should be registered in a family account here in this town. Only then can I apply for health insurance here to pay Mom’s expensive medical bills.

Seconds passed as he stared at the man for a long moment. Finally, he imparted, “Power it anytime be said that you are living in a Daylight City occupant here from now through eternity?

He made a little faint smile with his lips. “Yeah.”

Again, Vivian was silent. His fingers tighten on his homemade record.

Although paralyzed, the man in front of her possessed manners and looks that were definitely of those hideous men she had recently been dazzled by. Oh, Vivian, wasn’t it your goal for three months to get married to a resident as soon as possible? The chance is nearly bursting into your arms right now to do so! Why do you still doubt?

Conflicting emotions swirled inside her. In the end, he bit his lip and strengthened his resolve. The woman with her head. “That’s good. I agree.”

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