Abstract Reasoning Test With Answers PDF Download

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Looking for a comprehensive guide to ace your abstract reasoning test? Our website provides a Abstract Reasoning Test With Answers PDF to help you improve your problem-solving skills and boost your chances of success. A general guide about what is abstract reasoning test is given below.

Abstract Reasoning Test With Answers PDF
Abstract Reasoning Test With Answers PDF

Abstract Reasoning Test with answers pdf

Abstract reasoning tests, also known as inductive reasoning tests, are commonly used in the selection process for various jobs, including management, finance, engineering, and many others.

These tests are designed to measure your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, which are essential skills in today’s competitive job market. In this article, we’ll discuss what abstract reasoning tests are, why they’re important, and how you can prepare for them.

What Are Abstract Reasoning Tests?

Abstract reasoning tests measure your ability to identify patterns and relationships between various shapes, symbols, and designs. Unlike other cognitive tests that measure your knowledge or language skills, abstract reasoning tests assess your ability to analyze information, draw conclusions, and solve problems using logic and creativity.

These tests usually consist of multiple-choice questions, where you’re presented with a series of abstract shapes, patterns, or symbols and asked to identify the next shape in the sequence or complete a pattern. They’re often timed, and the difficulty level increases as you progress through the test.

Why Are Abstract Reasoning Tests Important?

Employers use abstract reasoning tests to assess candidates’ potential for problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. These skills are crucial for jobs that require analytical and strategic thinking, such as management, finance, and engineering. By measuring your abstract reasoning skills, employers can identify individuals who can think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Preparing for Abstract Reasoning Tests

Preparing for abstract reasoning tests can increase your chances of performing well and getting the job you want. Here are some tips to help you prepare for these tests

  1. Practice regularly
    Find online abstract reasoning tests and practice solving them regularly. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions and develop your problem-solving skills.

  1. Analyze patterns
    Abstract reasoning tests are all about identifying patterns and relationships between shapes and symbols. Analyze the patterns and relationships between different shapes and symbols to improve your skills.

  1. Manage your time
    Abstract reasoning tests are usually timed, so it’s essential to manage your time effectively. Practice solving questions quickly and efficiently.

  1. Don’t overthink
    Abstract reasoning tests are designed to assess your ability to think logically and creatively. Don’t overthink the questions or look for hidden meanings. Use your common sense and logic to solve the problems.

  1. Take care of your health
    Your cognitive abilities are influenced by your physical and mental health. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and exercise regularly to improve your cognitive performance.


Abstract reasoning tests are an essential part of the selection process for many jobs. By understanding what these tests are and preparing for them, you can demonstrate your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

Practice regularly, analyze patterns, manage your time effectively, use logic and creativity, and take care of your health to perform your best in these tests.

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