Adventures of Superman Jon Kent Read Online & PDF Download

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Interested in adventures of superman jon kent read online, You landed at right place, luckily this novel is available for reading online. We have gathered from internet.

Adventures of Superman Jon Kent is an issue of the series Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent with a cover date of May, 2023. It was published on March 7, 2023.

Adventures of Superman Jon Kent Read Online
Adventures of Superman Jon Kent Read Online

Adventures of Superman Jon Kent Synopsis

In a another world Ultraman murders an alternate version of Superman and then travels through a portal to find the next Kal-El to target for killing.

Earth 0,” a large number of satellites that belong to a company called Lord Industries have suddenly lost their orbit and are now moving towards Earth at a high speed.

This situation could potentially be dangerous as the falling satellites may cause damage to the planet or people if they collide with anything on their way down.

most of the Superman Family who are related to or associated with Superman are not on the earth , and only Jon Kent is present. Jon Kent is in a hurry to destroy satellites owned by Lord Industries before they impact on ground.

While in a hurry to prevent the satellites from causing harm on earth, he sensed a surge of energy within himself, and electric sparks began to emanate from his body.

However, he was interrupted by a voice that offered assistance, causing him to lose focus and the power dissipated.

As Jon moves towards the East, Val-Zod from another universe heads West from Asia, stopping the satellites as they fall.

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Eventually, their paths intersect in Germany, where Jon comes across a person dressed up as Superman catching the last satellite.

Val-Zod take Jon to the Kent Farm to introduce him to Mister Terrific, whom he has previously met and can vouch for.

Featured Characters:

Superman/Jon Kent (Earth 0)

Supporting Characters:

  • Jay Nakamura (Earth 0)
  • Lois Lane (Earth 0)
  • Mister Terrific/Michael Holt (Earth 0)
  • Oracle/Barbara Gordon (Earth 0)
  • Red Tornado/Lois Lane (Earth 2)
  • Superman/Val-Zod (Earth 2)
  • Titans (Earth 0) (Behind the scenes)


Ultraman/Kal-El (Earth 3)

Other Characters:

Haley the Dog (Earth 0) (Cameo)
Superman/Kal-El (Daily World’s Earth)
Lex Luthor (Earth 0)
Lois Lane (Daily World’s Earth)
Lord Industries (Earth 0)
Superman/Clark Kent (Earth 2) (Deceased)
Superman Family (Earth 0)
Superboy (Conner Kent)
Superman (Clark Kent)
Superman/Kal-El (Unknown Earth)
Zod (Earth 0) (Mentioned only)

Adventures of Superman Jon Kent Read Online PDF Download

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