Batman Gargoyle of Gotham Read Online & PDF Download

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Discover the gripping world of “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham” online. Dive into this Eisner award-winning thriller, explore the dark streets of Gotham, and follow Batman’s quest as he faces a new breed of serial killers. Read online and immerse yourself in this unique comic experience.

Batman Gargoyle of Gotham Read Online
Batman Gargoyle of Gotham Read Online & PDF Download


In “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham,” Eisner award-winning writer and artist Rafael Grampá transports readers to a gritty and corrupt version of Gotham. Batman faces off against two equally creepy serial killers in a city that’s decaying into madness. As Batman delves deeper into the city’s darkness, he confronts his own inner demons.

About the author:

Rafael Grampá is an acclaimed writer and artist, known for his contributions to the comic book industry. His work has earned him the prestigious Eisner award, and “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham” showcases his unique storytelling and artistic talents.


Batman: The Dark Knight, sworn to protect Gotham City from the forces of evil.
Crytoon: A crazed serial killer with a distinctive appearance and a penchant for violence.
Detective James Gordon: A complex character who is deeply dedicated to his duty, even at the cost of his personal life.
Nia: A new character advocating for change and equality in Gotham City.


“Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham” plunges readers into a nightmarish version of Gotham City, where corruption and despair reign supreme. Eisner award-winning writer and artist Rafael Grampá introduces a Gotham unlike any other, characterized by exaggerated prestige juxtaposed with rampant decadence. As macabre scribbles and erratic graffiti defile the skyline, a stark divide between wealth and destitution becomes painfully evident. In this Gotham, the wealthy elite step over beggars, serving as a stark visual metaphor for society’s decay.

The heart of the story lies in its artwork, where Grampá’s meticulous attention to detail, texture, and ominous shading takes center stage. Character designs, ranging from hyperrealism to caricature, give the story a unique visual identity. Batman himself appears as a haunting figure with an alien-like cowl and leathery cape, while the use of shadows adds an eerie tone to the narrative.

The narrative unfolds as Batman pursues a deranged serial killer named Crytoon, known for his distinctive black skin, inky suit, and psychotic tears. Crytoon’s obsession with cartoonish violence and his signature tears offer a chilling contrast to Batman’s own inner turmoil. Both characters are haunted by their childhood traumas, with Batman vowing to eradicate his civilian identity as Crytoon embraces his descent into madness.

Amidst this chaos, Detective James Gordon emerges as a fascinating character. His devotion to duty and religion creates a complex portrayal of a man willing to sacrifice everything for a higher cause. As Gotham’s wealthy elite fall victim to a new serial killer, Gordon’s investigation uncovers a web of mysteries reminiscent of David Fincher’s “Se7en.”

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A new character named Nia emerges as a vocal advocate for change and equality in Gotham. Her rallying cry, #SPEAKUPFORTHEM, stirs grassroots movements but raises questions about Batman’s role in defending the city’s rich and poor. The narrative further explores Batman’s conflicted relationship with his wealth as he unveils a high-tech vehicle, “The Blind Machine,” funded by his massive inheritance.

In “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham,” readers are thrust into a world where Batman’s quest for justice becomes entangled with the city’s descent into madness. As the line between hero and villain blurs, the story challenges preconceived notions of heroism and explores the psychological depths of its characters. Grampá’s artwork, while unconventional, adds a layer of uniqueness to the narrative, making it a thrilling and thought-provoking read.


In this dark and intense comic, Batman confronts a corrupt and decaying Gotham City while facing off against a disturbing serial killer named Crytoon. The story delves into the psychological aspects of both Batman and his new adversary, highlighting their shared traumas and contrasting approaches to their pasts. Detective James Gordon plays a pivotal role in the narrative, adding depth to the story. Additionally, a new character named Nia raises questions about Batman’s actions and their impact on the city’s social dynamics.


“Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham” is a gripping and visually stunning comic that takes readers on a thrilling journey through a twisted version of Gotham City. Rafael Grampá’s artwork stands out with its attention to detail, texture, and dark, ominous tones. The character designs, while unique, may be polarizing for some readers, but they add a distinct personality to the story.

The exploration of Batman’s inner turmoil and his determination to dissociate from his civilian identity provides a fresh perspective on the character. Crytoon’s obsession with violence and his distorted homage to classic cartoons make him a compelling and unsettling antagonist.

Detective James Gordon’s portrayal as a devout man torn between duty and personal sacrifice adds depth to the narrative, and the investigation into the serial killings keeps readers engaged. Nia’s presence and her advocacy for change raise thought-provoking questions about Batman’s role in the city’s social hierarchy.

While the story doesn’t offer entirely new commentary on corruption or innocence, it successfully positions Batman and Crytoon as intriguing parallels. The comic’s metaphors may lack subtlety, but its artwork and storytelling make it an exciting and over-the-top read.

Overall, “Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham” earns a solid 8.5/10 for its dark and immersive storytelling, unique artwork, and character exploration. Fans of gritty noir Batman stories and those open to a fresh interpretation of the character will find this comic a captivating read.

Batman Gargoyle of Gotham Read Online & PDF Download

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