Behind The Net Stephanie Archer Read Online & PDF Download

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Discover the captivating world of “Behind the Net” by Stephanie Archer. Read online and delve into this grumpy-sunshine pro hockey romance that will leave you spellbound. Experience the chemistry, humor, and heartwarming moments that make this book must-read.

behind the net stephanie archer read online
behind the net stephanie archer read online


“Behind the Net” by Stephanie Archer is a delightful grumpy-sunshine pro hockey romance that will sweep you off your feet. Filled with spice, humor, and a heartwarming happily ever after, this book is a perfect choice for fans of the genre. Join the journey of two unlikely individuals as they navigate love, passion, and personal growth in the fast-paced world of professional hockey.

About the Author

Stephanie Archer, the talented author behind “Behind the Net,” is known for her spicy and hilarious rom-coms. Her books captivate readers with sharp banter, strong-willed heroines, plenty of laughs, and the promise of a satisfying happily ever after. Stephanie resides in Vancouver, Canada, which adds an authentic touch to the setting and atmosphere of the Vancouver Storm series.


  1. Jamie Streicher: The hot and grumpy goalie, Jamie, captures our attention as the brooding NHL player with a massive ego. Despite his intimidating exterior, he surprises us with his sweet and protective nature.
  2. Protagonist (unnamed): The protagonist, a talented assistant with dreams shattered by an ex, finds herself working for Jamie. As she adjusts to the demanding and grouchy Jamie, sparks fly between them, leading to personal and creative growth.


“Behind the Net” follows the story of a talented assistant whose dreams in the music industry were shattered by a toxic ex. Determined to protect her heart, she takes on a new job as an assistant for NHL player Jamie Streicher, a hot and grumpy goalie who seems to have it all—except a pleasant attitude. Jamie is an intimidating figure with a massive ego and no patience for the protagonist’s presence.

Despite their initial clashes, a surprising bond begins to form between Jamie and the assistant. Behind his surliness, Jamie reveals a sweet and protective side, offering unexpected support and encouragement. When Jamie discovers the unsatisfying experiences the protagonist had with her ex, his competitive nature flares up, leading him to spoil her and fuel her passion for music once again.

As the protagonist starts writing music and rediscovering her creative spark, she finds herself falling for Jamie. Between wearing his jersey at games, attending rowdy team parties, and mustering the courage to perform on stage, their connection deepens. However, both are aware of the risks involved. Jamie could break her heart, but the potential for love and happiness might just make it worth it.

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“Behind the Net” is a grumpy-sunshine pro hockey romance filled with plenty of spice and an ultimately satisfying happily ever after. Set in Vancouver, Canada, it serves as the first book in the Vancouver Storm series but can be enjoyed as a standalone. Join the journey of two individuals as they navigate their complex emotions, personal growth, and the exhilarating world of professional hockey.


“Behind the Net” introduces us to a familiar trope—a former crush turned love interest. The protagonist finds herself working as an assistant for Jamie Streicher, the same hot and grumpy goalie who caught her eye in high school. Despite Jamie’s initial cold demeanor, the story takes an unexpected turn when he demands that she move in with him. As they navigate their living situation and working relationship, both characters discover hidden depths and unexpected connections.

As the plot progresses, Jamie’s competitive nature is sparked when he learns about the protagonist’s disappointing past relationship. This fuels his protective instincts, and he encourages her to pursue her passion for music once again. The rekindling of her creative spark brings them closer together, leading to rowdy team parties, the thrill of wearing Jamie’s jersey at games, and the courage to take the stage once more. However, the risk of a broken heart looms in the background, leaving readers questioning whether the potential heartache is worth the love they share.


“Behind the Net” is an absolute gem of a romance novel. Stephanie Archer weaves a captivating tale filled with sizzling chemistry, hilarious banter, and heartfelt moments. The characters come alive on the pages, with Jamie’s grumpy demeanor masking a tender heart, and the protagonist’s determination to rebuild her dreams adding depth to her personality. Their relationship unfolds in a realistic and organic manner, making it easy to root for their happiness.

Archer’s writing style is engaging and entertaining, capturing the readers’ attention from the very first page. The humor is perfectly balanced with the emotional moments, creating a rollercoaster of feelings that keeps readers hooked until the end. The hockey backdrop adds an exciting element, and the author’s attention to detail shines through, immersing readers in the thrilling world of the Vancouver Storm.

“Behind the Net” is an absolute must-read for fans of steamy romances with strong, relatable characters. Stephanie Archer has delivered yet another fantastic addition to her repertoire, and I eagerly anticipate the next installment in the Vancouver Storm series. Prepare to be swept off your feet and experience a whirlwind of emotions in this charming, grumpy-sunshine hockey romance.

Behind The Net Stephanie Archer Read Online & PDF Download

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