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Explore the captivating world of “Chasing Red” by Isabelle Ronin, a riveting new adult romance that has captured hearts with over 130 million reads online. Immerse yourself in the passionate love story as you read “Chasing Red” online and follow Caleb and Veronica’s emotional journey.


“Chasing Red” by Isabelle Ronin is a new adult romance novel that has garnered over 130 million reads online on Wattpad. The story revolves around the passionate romance between Caleb Lockhart, a rich college playboy, and Veronica Strafford, a gorgeous college student who finds herself homeless.

About the Author

Isabelle Ronin is a Filipino Canadian writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her Wattpad story, “Chasing Red,” gained immense popularity online, leading to its publication. She has a talent for creating relatable characters and crafting stories that resonate with readers.


Caleb Lockhart: The rich college playboy who falls intensely in love with Veronica. Despite his player reputation, Caleb shows a sensitive and caring side, willing to provide a home for Veronica and pursue a genuine connection with her.
Veronica Strafford (Red): A college student who has faced hardships in her past, leading her to be cautious and guarded. She is resistant to getting close to Caleb, but her walls begin to crumble as she realizes her feelings for him.
Kara Hawthorne: Veronica’s best friend, known for her witty words of wisdom and humor.


“Chasing Red” by Isabelle Ronin is a captivating new adult romance that has taken the online world by storm with over 130 million reads on Wattpad. The story revolves around Caleb Lockhart, a wealthy and charming college playboy, and Veronica Strafford, a stunning college student whose life takes a drastic turn when she finds herself homeless.

Caleb, known for his reputation with women, becomes intensely drawn to Veronica from the moment he lays eyes on her. He offers her a place to stay, determined to help her get back on her feet. As they navigate their newfound living arrangement, their connection deepens, and both Caleb and Veronica discover emotions they’ve never experienced before.

However, winning Veronica’s heart proves to be more challenging than Caleb initially anticipated. Veronica’s past has made her wary of getting close to anyone, and her walls are high. Yet, as Caleb continues to pursue her, their interactions are filled with passion, chemistry, and moments of vulnerability.

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Despite their undeniable attraction, the path to their happily ever after is not without obstacles. Jealous ex-girlfriends, personal insecurities, and hidden motivations threaten to tear them apart. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, rooting for Caleb and Veronica’s love to overcome the hurdles in their way.

“Chasing Red” explores themes of trust, vulnerability, and the transformative power of love. With its engaging characters and emotionally charged storyline, the novel captures the essence of college romance while delving into the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

The book’s magnetic allure lies in its ability to create a magnetic pull between the characters, drawing readers into their world of passion, longing, and emotional discovery. With an ending that leaves readers hungry for more, “Chasing Red” sets the stage for a sequel that promises to continue Caleb and Veronica’s journey of love and self-discovery.


“Chasing Red” follows the evolving romance between Caleb and Veronica. Caleb offers Veronica a place to stay after she becomes homeless, and their connection grows stronger. While Veronica is initially hesitant to let her guard down, Caleb’s determination and caring nature begin to break down her barriers. The story delves into their struggles, emotional turmoil, and challenges, including dealing with jealous exes and personal insecurities. The book ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers eager to continue their story in the sequel, “Always Red.”


Vicky’s review highlights the strengths and weaknesses of “Chasing Red.” She praises the passionate chemistry between the characters Caleb and Veronica, as well as the execution of their emotional connection without explicit scenes. Vicky appreciates the well-paced plot and the author’s ability to maintain engagement throughout the story.

However, she also points out the prevalence of clich├ęs and predictable plot elements, which she finds overwhelming. She wishes for more originality and deeper themes beyond the conventional romance. Vicky also discusses her frustration with the characters’ decisions and actions at times. Despite these critiques, she concludes that the book is enjoyable for those seeking a passionate and fast-paced romance.

Chasing Red Read Online or PDF Download

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