Dangerous Innocence Cora Reilly Read Online & PDF Download

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Discover the captivating world of “Dangerous Innocence” by Cora Reilly. Read online and Experience the suspense and romance as you read this thrilling novel online, following Aislinn’s journey through the dangerous criminal underworld in search of her missing sister. Dive into the pages now.

Dangerous Innocence Cora Reilly Read Online & PDF Download
Dangerous Innocence Cora Reilly Read Online & PDF Download

What is this novel about?

“Dangerous Innocence” by Cora Reilly is an enthralling romantic suspense novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the criminal underworld of New York City. Filled with suspense, passion, and unexpected twists, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

About the Author

Cora Reilly is a talented author known for her captivating storytelling and ability to weave intricate plots. With a knack for creating compelling characters and suspenseful narratives, Reilly has established herself as a master of the romantic suspense genre. Her previous works have garnered a loyal fan base, and “Dangerous Innocence” is another testament to her skill as a writer.


  1. Aislinn Killeen: Aislinn is a good-natured and determined young woman from Dublin who embarks on a dangerous journey to find her missing sister. Her courage and resilience are tested as she delves into the criminal underworld of New York.

  1. Lorcan Devaney: Lorcan is a formidable figure in the criminal world, known for his brutality and feared by many. Aislinn believes he holds the key to her sister’s disappearance, leading her to a tumultuous relationship with him.

Synopsis Read Online

“Dangerous Innocence” by Cora Reilly is a captivating romantic suspense novel that follows the journey of Aislinn Killeen, a young woman from Dublin whose life takes a dramatic turn when her sister goes missing during a trip to New York City. Determined to find her sister, Aislinn leaves behind her hometown and seeks refuge with her uncle, a priest in the city’s largest Irish-Catholic parish, which also happens to be connected to the Irish mob.

As Aislinn delves deeper into her investigation, she crosses paths with Lorcan Devaney, a notorious and feared figure in the criminal underworld. Aislinn becomes convinced that Lorcan holds crucial information about her sister’s disappearance, but she soon realizes that attracting the attention of a man like Lorcan comes with dire consequences.

Unbeknownst to Aislinn, her family’s hidden secrets begin to unravel, forcing her into a marriage with Lorcan, the very man she believes may be responsible for her sister’s vanishing. Caught in a dangerous web of deceit and intrigue, Aislinn must navigate treacherous alliances and discover the truth behind her sister’s disappearance before she becomes the next victim.

As Aislinn’s search for her sister intensifies, she finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Lorcan and her desire to protect her family. With each revelation, the stakes escalate, and Aislinn must summon her inner strength and courage to confront the brutal reality of the criminal world she has become entangled in.

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Will Aislinn uncover the truth about her sister’s fate and escape the unwanted marriage? Or will she, too, vanish without a trace? “Dangerous Innocence” is a suspenseful and passionate tale that explores themes of love, loyalty, and the lengths one will go to protect their family, all within the dangerous confines of New York City’s criminal underbelly.


Aislinn Killeen’s life takes an unexpected turn when her sister goes missing during a trip to New York. Leaving her hometown behind, Aislinn seeks refuge with her uncle, a priest in the city’s prominent Irish-Catholic parish. However, her investigation leads her straight into the criminal underworld, where she crosses paths with Lorcan Devaney, a notorious figure with a reputation for violence. Believing Lorcan knows what happened to her sister, Aislinn becomes entangled in a web of secrets from her family’s past. As circumstances force her into an unwanted marriage with Lorcan, Aislinn must navigate dangerous alliances and uncover the truth to save her sister and herself.

Book Review

“Dangerous Innocence” is a gripping tale that keeps readers hooked from the very first page. Cora Reilly skillfully blends elements of romance and suspense, creating a story that is both heartwarming and heart-pounding. The characters are well-developed, with Aislinn’s determination and vulnerability contrasting with Lorcan’s intimidating presence. Their complex relationship adds depth to the narrative, making it impossible to resist turning the pages.

Reilly’s writing style is engaging and evocative, transporting readers to the gritty streets of New York City and immersing them in its criminal underbelly. The pacing is excellent, with a perfect balance of action, intrigue, and romance. The author weaves a web of secrets and surprises, ensuring that the reader is constantly guessing and eager to unravel the truth.

What sets “Dangerous Innocence” apart is its exploration of themes such as family loyalty, sacrifice, and the consequences of delving into a world filled with danger. Aislinn’s character undergoes significant growth throughout the story, and her determination to find her sister is inspiring. The intense chemistry between Aislinn and Lorcan adds an additional layer of tension, keeping readers invested in their journey.


In conclusion, “Dangerous Innocence” is a captivating and thrilling read that will appeal to fans of romantic suspense. Cora Reilly’s talent for storytelling shines through, making this book a must-read for those seeking an unforgettable tale of love, suspense, and redemption. Prepare to be swept away by this dangerous and enthralling story.

Dangerous Innocence Cora Reilly Read Online & PDF Download

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