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Explore the thrilling world of “Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time” on our website. Read online this enthralling middle-grade graphic novel based on the hit Nickelodeon series, filled with time-traveling adventures and ghostly excitement.


“Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time” is an exciting middle-grade graphic novel based on the beloved Nickelodeon animated series. The story picks up right after the series finale, where Danny Fenton and his friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley encounter time travel glitches. When Danny’s archnemesis, Vlad Masters, warns them of Dark Danny’s escape, they embark on a thrilling time-traveling adventure to save the ghost gang’s world.

About the Author

Gabriela Rodríguez Epstein is a bestselling graphic novelist based in Austin, TX. She has penned this original graphic novel, capturing the essence of the Danny Phantom universe.


  1. Danny Fenton/Phantom: The main protagonist, a half-ghost, half-human hero with supernatural powers.
  2. Sam Manson: Danny’s best friend, a strong and independent goth girl.
  3. Tucker Foley: Another close friend of Danny, tech-savvy and always up for an adventure.
  4. Vlad Masters/Plasmius: Danny’s arch-nemesis, a ghost with sinister intentions.
  5. Jazz Fenton: Danny’s older sister, supportive and caring.
  6. Jack and Maddie Fenton: Danny’s parents, ghost hunters and inventors.
  7. Skulker, Ember McLain, Box Ghost, and other ghostly adversaries.


“Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time” is an enthralling middle-grade graphic novel that continues the adventures of Danny Fenton, a half-ghost hero with supernatural abilities, and his best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley. Taking place after the series finale, the story begins with the gang experiencing strange time travel glitches. Their peaceful existence is shattered when Danny’s arch-nemesis, Vlad Masters, arrives with terrifying news – Dark Danny, a malevolent and powerful entity, has escaped from his prison in the Ghost Zone.

Faced with the threat of Dark Danny destroying their entire world, Danny and his friends join forces with Vlad to embark on a thrilling time-traveling adventure. They traverse through different time periods and dimensions, unlocking secrets of the Ghost Zone to save humanity and protect Amity Park from impending doom.

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As they encounter ghostly adversaries and face challenging trials, Danny’s bravery and determination are put to the test. Supported by the unwavering friendship of Sam and Tucker, and the reluctant alliance with Vlad, Danny must use his ghostly powers and intelligence to outsmart Dark Danny and restore the balance between the ghostly and human worlds.

Filled with action, suspense, and heartwarming moments, “Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time” is a captivating graphic novel that captures the spirit of the beloved Nickelodeon series. Gabriela Epstein’s masterful storytelling and compelling artwork transport readers to the ghostly realm, making this a must-read for fans of Danny Phantom and a delightful introduction to new readers seeking a thrilling supernatural adventure.


In “Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time,” Danny and his friends find themselves facing time travel glitches and a grave threat. Dark Danny, a dangerous entity, has escaped his prison, endangering the ghost gang’s world. To save humanity, they must join forces with Vlad Masters, jumping through time and space, unlocking secrets of the Ghost Zone in a thrilling and action-packed adventure.


“Danny Phantom: A Glitch in Time” is a delightful and nostalgic read for fans of the animated series. Gabriela Epstein skillfully captures the essence of the beloved characters, weaving a time-traveling tale filled with excitement and suspense. The artwork beautifully brings the story to life, immersing readers in the ghostly world of Danny Phantom. With its engaging plot and well-loved characters, this graphic novel is a must-read for both new and longtime fans, making it a fantastic addition to the Danny Phantom universe.

Danny Phantom a Glitch in Time Read Online or PDF Download

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