Dipak Ghosh Book PDF Download on Mamata Banerjee

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Dipak Ghosh Book PDF download: The complete book name is MAMATA BANERJEE AS I HAVE KNOWN HER or THE GODDESS THAT FAILED

Written and published by Dipak Kumar Ghosh with documentary evidence so that the people can know, judge and decide who rules them how.

Dipak Ghosh Book PDF Download
Dipak Ghosh Book PDF Download

What this book is about?

The book “Mamata Banerjee as I have known her” by Dipak Kumar Ghosh is a biography of Mamata Banerjee, a prominent political figure and  chief minister of Indian state of West Bengal since 20 May 2011, the first woman to hold the office. The book offers insights into Mamata Banerjee’s life, her political journey, and her leadership style.

On the other hand, “The Goddess that Failed” is a critical analysis of Mamata Banerjee’s governance in West Bengal. The book highlights the promises made by her and her party during the election campaigns, and how these promises were not kept. The book also raises concerns about corruption, violence, and deterioration in the state’s economy under her leadership.

So, in summary, “Mamata Banerjee as I have known her” is a biography, while “The Goddess that Failed” is a critical analysis of her governance.

Dipak Ghosh Book on Mamata Banerjee Description

The writer Dipak Kumar Ghosh is grateful for all the encouragement and assistance received from many including the following and he thanks them all.

  1. Professor Sunanda Sanyal.
  2. Shri Himangshu Halder.
  3. Shri Dilip Chakraborty.
  4. Shri Amitava Majumdar.
  5. Shri Balai Chakraborty.
  6. Shri Nirbed Roy.

When, this writer was a student of first year Intermediate Science (1952-53) in Dum Dum Motijheel College, the Principal, a great English teacher late Narendra Lal Ganguly wrote the poem below for the College

Magazine :

Three score years and ten,
Average life of men.
Is that short or long,
Is life a fight or song?
Or a mix of two,
partly false and partly true?”

This writer made a Bengali version and showed it to him. He patted this writer on the back and said that every young Bengalee is a poet of sorts. This writer wishes to include the Bengali version in the Bengali translation of this booklet, which is under preparation.

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This writer heard in a T.V. Channel in the evening of August 9, 1997 that Ajit Kumar Panja had walked out of the cool Indoor Stadium and from the AICC session being held there and joined the challenging outdoor Youth Congress rally of Mamata Banerjee near the Gandhi statue on the Maidan.

He had come to know Ajit Kumar Panja, one of the most efficient ministers in Siddhartha Ray’s cabinet (1972 – 1977) and had found him always cool, composed and hard-working.

Why a leader like him walked out of the AICC session and joined Mamata’s rally of the Youth Congress workers – the question churned in his mind. He grew eager to meet Mamata Banerjee who had succeeded in drawing Ajit Panja to her Youth Congress rally.

Mamata Banerji, and only she determines which persons should hold which post at what level. She changes them over telephone even well past midnight without issuing any “show cause notice” or
“dismissal notice” to the person kicked out.

This writer wants to know what she has done with the savings of Rs. 8,929.41 (Rs. 18,10,000.00 minus Rs. 18,01,070.59)? Has she returned the amount (i) to the party of (ii) to her relatives? Has she spent the amount (i) on charity or (ii) in victory celebration or (iii) in any other legal item?

Dipak Kumar Ghosh Book PDF Download

Dipak Ghosh Book has written two books, one on chief minister Mamata Banerjee and other on her newphew abhishek banerjee. You can download the book and enjoy reading. This book is in english version.


This post is not affiliated with any political party. The article was written by writers, and all information was collected from the internet. There are no personal opinions involved, and everything is written with an unbiased and neutral attitude.

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