Fake Dates and Ice Skates Read Online & PDF Download

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Discover the captivating world of ‘Fake Dates and Ice Skates’ by Janisha Boswell. Read the heartwarming romance online, as figure skater Wren and hockey player Miles navigate fake dating, personal growth, and unexpected love. Dive into the pages and experience the magic today.

Fake Dates and Ice Skates Read Online & PDF Download
Fake Dates and Ice Skates Read Online & PDF Download


“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” by Janisha Boswell is a delightful romance novel that explores the unexpected connection between figure skater Wren Hackerly and hockey player Miles Davis. Wren, a woman dedicated to her goals and schedules, finds herself entangled in a fake dating plot with Miles, someone she barely tolerates. As they navigate social media trolls and the pressures of living up to their potential, Wren and Miles discover a bond that challenges their preconceived notions about love and personal growth.

About the author

Janisha Boswell is a promising author who has a passion for romance and all things sweet. She embarks on her writing journey with a college series inspired by her own personality and those of her friends. With the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Boswell gained popularity for her sophomore novel, “Fake Dates & Ice Skates.” Drawing from her own love for literature, Boswell aims to capture raw human emotions and provide readers with an immersive reading experience.


  1. Wren Hackerly: A determined and organized woman who finds herself caught up in a fake dating plot.
  2. Miles Davis: A popular and charismatic hockey player who becomes entangled in Wren’s life.
  3. Supporting characters: There are likely other characters who contribute to the development of the story and the chemistry between Wren and Miles.


“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” by Janisha Boswell is a charming romance novel that follows the unexpected journey of Wren Hackerly, a figure skater, and Miles Davis, a popular hockey player. Wren, a woman dedicated to her carefully planned life, never anticipated getting caught up in a fake dating plot with someone she barely tolerates.

Reluctantly agreeing to the charade, Wren and Miles embark on a series of events that push them outside of their comfort zones. As they attend parties together and face an awkward family meeting, they find themselves navigating the world of social media trolls and the pressures of living up to their potential.

While spending more time together, Wren gradually feels herself breaking free from the mold she has crafted her entire life. Surprisingly, she discovers that she enjoys the newfound freedom and the connection she shares with Miles. However, there is an underlying fear that these unexpected emotions will become distractions from their individual goals.

Janisha Boswell expertly explores the complexities of their evolving relationship. Through her captivating writing, she delves into the internal struggles and external obstacles that Wren and Miles face, providing readers with a heartfelt and authentic portrayal of their journey.

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“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” is a story about self-discovery, personal growth, and the transformative power of unexpected connections. Wren’s rigid world begins to crumble as she embraces new experiences and challenges her own preconceptions. The novel explores themes of love, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness, captivating readers with its relatable characters and emotional depth.

Will Wren and Miles succumb to the allure of their fake dating arrangement, or will the realization of their true feelings threaten to derail their carefully planned futures? Dive into the pages of “Fake Dates & Ice Skates” to discover the answer as Janisha Boswell takes readers on a heartfelt journey of love, personal growth, and the joy of stepping outside one’s comfort zone.


“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” follows the journey of Wren Hackerly and Miles Davis as they reluctantly participate in a fake dating scenario. Despite their initial differences, Wren and Miles must work together to achieve their individual goals. As they spend more time together, Wren begins to break free from her rigid lifestyle and discovers a new side of herself. However, the lingering question remains: Will their real feelings distract them from their ambitions? This novel delves into the complexities of relationships, social media, and personal growth.


“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” is a captivating and heartwarming novel that skillfully combines romance with personal development. Janisha Boswell’s writing style effectively captures the essence of raw emotions, allowing readers to truly immerse themselves in the story. The characters, particularly Wren and Miles, are relatable and well-developed, drawing readers in with their unique personalities and the chemistry that grows between them.

The plot of the book is engaging and keeps the reader hooked from start to finish. Boswell expertly explores the challenges faced by Wren and Miles as they navigate their fake dating situation, social media pressures, and the pursuit of their dreams. The author’s attention to detail and ability to create genuine emotional connections between the characters make the story feel authentic and relatable.

One aspect that stands out in the book is Boswell’s portrayal of personal growth. Wren’s transformation from a rigid and goal-oriented individual to someone more open to new experiences is beautifully depicted. The internal conflicts and struggles the characters face add depth to the story and give readers a sense of connection and empathy.

“Fake Dates & Ice Skates” is a delightful read that seamlessly combines romance, personal growth, and relatable characters. Janisha Boswell’s writing shines, capturing the essence of human emotions and providing readers with an enjoyable and engaging experience. This novel is a testament to Boswell’s talent as an author and leaves readers eagerly anticipating her future work.

Fake Dates and Ice Skates Read Online & PDF Download

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