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Discover the enchanting world of historical romance with “Forever Your Rogue” PDF. Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of Cora and Nate as they navigate love, redemption, and passion in this swoony Regency romance. Download your copy today and experience the magic of enduring love.


“Forever Your Rogue” by Erin Langston is a swoony and sexy Regency romance that tells the story of Cora, Lady Dane, a newly widowed mother determined to live life on her own terms. Facing the prospect of losing her children to overbearing relatives, Cora enlists the help of Nathaniel Travers, a charismatic rogue with no interest in marriage or duty. Their fake engagement sets the stage for a captivating love story filled with passion and emotional depth.

About the Author

Erin Langston makes an impressive debut with “Forever Your Rogue.” Her writing talent shines through as she crafts a historical romance that captures the hearts of readers. Langston’s ability to create endearing characters and a compelling love story establishes her as a writer to watch in the genre.


  1. Cora Harrington: A strong and determined newly-widowed mother who faces the heartbreak of losing her children.
  2. Nathaniel Travers: A charismatic rogue with no interest in marriage until he finds himself drawn to Cora and her children, leading to a profound transformation.


In “Forever Your Rogue” by Erin Langston, readers are transported to the Regency era, where Cora, Lady Dane, a newly widowed mother, faces a heartbreaking predicament. She stands on the precipice of losing her beloved children to her late husband’s overbearing relatives. Determined to maintain her independence and protect her family, Cora takes a daring step: she needs a husband.

Enter Nathaniel Travers, a charismatic rogue with a carefree lifestyle and no desire for commitment. That is until a sudden twist of fate leaves him financially stranded, and he’s forced to consider a madcap plan proposed by Cora—a fake engagement. What starts as a pragmatic solution quickly turns into an unexpected journey of transformation and love.

As Cora and Nate spend a summer together at her estate, their faux betrothal becomes a crucible of emotions. Their simmering attraction bursts into a fiery, irresistible romance. However, the complexities of their false engagement can’t remain hidden forever, and both must confront their own fears and insecurities. Nate must make a life-altering decision to prove his worthiness, while Cora must risk her guarded heart.

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“Forever Your Rogue” is a swoony, sexy, and heartfelt Regency romance that explores the infinite limits of love. Erin Langston’s debut novel is a shining example of the genre, filled with endearing characters, witty banter, and moments of raw emotion. Cora’s strength and Nate’s transformation from a scoundrel to a devoted partner create a captivating love story that will leave readers swooning. Langston’s writing skillfully weaves together passion, redemption, and the power of love, making this book a delightful read for historical romance enthusiasts.


“Forever Your Rogue” introduces readers to Cora Harrington, a recently widowed mother facing the possibility of losing her children to her late husband’s brother-in-law. In a desperate bid to prevent this, Cora enlists the help of Nathaniel Travers, known for his wayward lifestyle. They enter into a fake betrothal, but as they spend time together, a deep connection forms. The novel explores their emotional journey as Nate evolves from a notorious scoundrel into a doting father-figure, all while a simmering romance develops between him and Cora.


In “Forever Your Rogue,” Erin Langston masterfully delves into the complexities of love, redemption, and transformation. The characters are beautifully portrayed, with Cora’s unwavering strength and Nate’s profound personal growth taking center stage. Langston’s writing skillfully captures their emotions, making it impossible not to root for their love story.

The chemistry between Cora and Nate is electric, filled with witty banter and genuine affection. Nate’s transformation from a rakish rogue to a devoted partner is heartwarming, and his letters to Cora add an extra layer of romance to the narrative. The intimate scenes are scorching and enhance the novel’s already strong emotional connection.

While some parts of the book could have been trimmed down, particularly the custody issues, the overall engagement and writing quality make “Forever Your Rogue” a must-read for historical romance enthusiasts. Erin Langston’s debut showcases her talent, leaving readers eager for her future works.

Forever Your Rogue PDF Download or Read Online

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