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Welcome to our website. Here, you can find the comprehensive version of “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance pdf.” Explore this invaluable resource to gain a thorough understanding of corporate finance concepts and principles. Get your copy today and enhance your financial knowledge.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance PDF
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance PDF


Fundamentals of Corporate Finance” is a comprehensive textbook designed for both finance majors and non-majors taking their first course in business or corporate finance. The book assumes some familiarity with basic algebra and accounting concepts but provides early reviews of important accounting principles. Its organization offers flexibility to instructors, making it adaptable to different teaching approaches.

Table of Contents

The book is divided into eight parts, covering various aspects of corporate finance:

Part 1: Overview of Corporate Finance

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Corporate Finance
  • Chapter 2: Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow

Part 2: Financial Statements and Long-Term Financial Planning

  • Chapter 3: Working with Financial Statements
  • Chapter 4: Long-Term Financial Planning and Growth

Part 3: Valuation of Future Cash Flows

  • Chapter 5: Introduction to Valuation: The Time Value of Money
  • Chapter 6: Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Chapter 7: Interest Rates and Bond Valuation
  • Chapter 8: Stock Valuation

Part 4: Capital Budgeting

  • Chapter 9: Net Present Value and Other Investment Criteria
  • Chapter 10: Making Capital Investment Decisions
  • Chapter 11: Project Analysis and Evaluation

Part 5: Risk and Return

  • Chapter 12: Some Lessons from Capital Market History
  • Chapter 13: Return, Risk, and the Security Market Line

Part 6: Cost of Capital and Long-Term Financial Policy

  • Chapter 14: Cost of Capital
  • Chapter 15: Raising Capital
  • Chapter 16: Financial Leverage and Capital Structure Policy
  • Chapter 17: Dividends and Payout Policy

Part 7: Short-Term Financial Planning and Management

  • Chapter 18: Short-Term Finance and Planning
  • Chapter 19: Cash and Liquidity Management
  • Chapter 20: Credit and Inventory Management

Part 8: Topics in Corporate Finance

  • Chapter 21: International Corporate Finance
  • Chapter 22: Behavioral Finance: Implications for Financial Management
  • Chapter 23: Enterprise Risk Management
  • Chapter 24: Options and Corporate Finance
  • Chapter 25: Option Valuation
  • Chapter 26: Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Chapter 27: Leasing


The book is written by Bradford D. Jordan and Randolph W. Westerfield, both highly respected authors and experts in the field of finance. They bring their extensive knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive and practical approach to corporate finance.

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Main Points Covered

1) Emphasis on intuition: The authors focus on explaining the principles of corporate finance in an intuitive and common-sense manner before diving into specific details. This approach helps students develop a solid foundation and understanding of the subject matter.
2) Unified valuation approach: The book treats net present value (NPV) as the fundamental concept underlying corporate finance, providing a cohesive framework for evaluating investment opportunities.
3) Managerial focus: The authors highlight the role of financial managers as decision-makers and emphasize the importance of managerial input and judgment in corporate finance.

“Fundamentals of Corporate Finance” is a well-structured and comprehensive textbook that covers the essential topics in corporate finance. Its emphasis on intuition, unified valuation approach, and managerial focus make it a valuable resource for both finance majors and non-majors. The book’s flexibility and clear explanations make it suitable for various teaching approaches, making it a popular choice among instructors. Whether you are a student or an instructor, this book provides a solid foundation in corporate finance concepts and principles.


Fundamentals of Corporate Finance is an excellent textbook for anyone seeking a solid understanding of corporate finance principles. The book’s emphasis on intuition allows readers to develop an intuitive understanding of complex financial concepts. The unified valuation approach centered around NPV provides a clear and consistent framework for valuing future cash flows.

One of the standout features of this book is its managerial focus. By highlighting the role of financial managers as decision-makers, the authors provide valuable insights into the practical application of corporate finance principles. This emphasis on managerial input and judgment enhances the relevance of the material for real-world scenarios.

The book’s organization is well-structured and offers flexibility for instructors. The comprehensive table of contents covers all major topics in corporate finance, ensuring that readers receive a comprehensive education on the subject.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance is a highly recommended textbook for both finance majors and non-majors. It strikes a perfect balance between theoretical concepts and practical applications, making it accessible and engaging for readers at all.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance PDF Download

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