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The Hanging Balloons is a series by Junji Ito. It is the sixth chapter of The Face Burglar. Are you attracted by its story and now want to read it? I’ll tell you how you can; so read further to know the process of “Hanging Balloons Junji Ito Read Online.” Let’s start – 

Hanging Balloons Junji Ito Read Online

How can you read the hanging balloons by Junji Ito online? 

The process is easy – 

  • Search for it on any search engine.
  • There you’ll get many results. Most web pages provide a summary because they don’t have the right to publish it. So either read that or look for websites like samehat which provide it. 
  • Enjoy reading it. 

And if you just wanna read its story, you can read further because I’ll mention it in detail. 

Story of the Hanging Balloons

It begins with a girl Kazuko who is trapped inside her house. She is starving to death but can’t go outside because a peculiar creature is constantly calling her outside. Going outside can be risky because of that creature so she decides to stay at home. 

After this, the story starts from one month back. Kazuko’s confidant and a popular girl Terumi commits suicide.  She takes her life away by hanging herself with a wire. Although, there is no solid reason to do so. Everyone accuses Shiroishi (her boyfriend) for her death. They had constant arguments about her celebrity career and that’s what makes him blame himself for Terumi’s death. 

Shortly after this incident, Terumi’s fans begin suicide by hanging themselves. But this isn’t the end; the situation gets worse when most of Terumi’s fans report that they saw a strange creature moving in the sky. This news causes disturbance all over the nation. 

Meanwhile, Shiroishi tells Kazuko that the head induces him every night and watches him closely. Although, she isn’t convinced by this. But later that night, she saw something that she had never seen before. She sees the head Shiroishi told about.

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She runs from that and then sees Shiroishi asking for forgiveness from Terumi and hanging himself. She tries to help him but then finds another balloon-like creature in the form of Shiroishi. 

After this, she goes to the police and reports everything. But when police go to the crime scene, they don’t find Shiroishi’s body anywhere. 

After some days, she tells all this to her friends – Taeko, Miyuki, and Chiharu. But just after she tells them, they see four mysterious balloon creatures with metal wires coming toward them. Taeko and Miyuki are immediately killed by those wires but fortunately, Kazuko and Chicharu hide somewhere. One man shoots the balloon-like creature of Chicharu. But still, Chicharu isn’t safe. She is rotten along with the balloon. 

Her father is also caught by the balloon and soon the country gets invaded by hanging bodies.

Kazuko runs from there and goes to her house to protect herself. Yosuke, her younger brother goes out with an umbrella to search for food but never comes back. And when his mother goes outside to look for him, she also gets killed.

Kazuko is left alone in her house but then she hears her brother’s voice. She opens the door and gets to know that he is dead and she spoke to the balloon. At the end of the story, the balloon says, “thanks for letting me in sis.” 


The hanging balloons is a horror story in which readers are left with suspense in the end. There is no clarity on whether Kazuko dies or not. Apart from that, it is not clear what happens after she opens the door for her younger brother’s balloon. So if you are the one who doesn’t want to be left curious, you should not go for it. The rest is up to you.

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