Hazbin Hotel Comic Read Online

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Hazbin Hotel Comic Read Online

Hazbin Hotel is a series that revolves around Charlie, Hell’s princess who is striving to fulfil her dream of creating “Hazbin Hotel” to rehabilitate sinners. Hell, facing overpopulation, undergoes an annual purge by angels led by Adam and this causes dismay to Charlie. She seeks a peaceful solution to the overpopulation issue and aims to redeem souls and send them to Heaven.

Hazbin Hotel Comic Read Online

With her devoted manager and girlfriend, Vaggie, along with their first patron, Angel Dust, Charlie is determined to make her dream a reality. However, a televised proposal grabs the attention of “Radio Demon” Alastor. Despite finding Charlie’s belief in redemption amusing, Alastor wants to assist her in running the hotel for his own entertainment.

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Well, Hazbin Hotel isn’t currently available in written format like a novel or comic. It’s an animated series, so the primary way to experience the story is by watching it.
You can watch the official episodes on A24 website and Amazon Prime Video.

  • The first two episodes are available for free on the A24 website and app.
  • Season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.
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