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Welcome to our website! Discover the captivating world of Heartstopper as you read it online. Join Nick and Charlie on their heartfelt journey of love, friendship, and self-discovery in this endearing LGBTQ+ graphic novel series. Start reading Heartstopper online now!

Heartstopper Read Online or PDF Download
Heartstopper Read Online or PDF Download


Heartstopper is an LGBTQ+ young adult graphic novel and webcomic series that follows the lives of two British schoolboys, Nick and Charlie, as they meet and fall in love. The series beautifully explores themes of first love, friendships, coming out, and mental health, with a warm cast of supporting characters.

About the Author

The series is written and illustrated by British author Alice Oseman. The characters of Nick and Charlie originally appeared in her 2014 novel, Solitaire, and later evolved into the Heartstopper series.


Charles “Charlie” Spring: A recently outed gay year 10 student who falls for Nick and struggles with an eating disorder.

Nicholas “Nick” Nelson: A popular year 11 student, rugby player, and bisexual, who realizes his feelings for Charlie.

And other friends and supporting characters, including Tao Xu, Elle Argent, Tara Jones, Darcy Olsson, Aled Last, Sahar Zahid, and more.


Heartstopper is an endearing LGBTQ+ young adult graphic novel and webcomic series that revolves around the lives of two British schoolboys, Nick and Charlie. The story begins when the two boys, who attend the fictional Truham Grammar School, are randomly seated together, sparking an unexpected friendship. As they spend time together, a deep connection forms between Nick and Charlie, and they soon find themselves falling in love.

Throughout the series, readers follow Nick and Charlie’s journey of love, self-discovery, and acceptance. While navigating the ups and downs of first love, the duo also faces the challenges of teenage life, including friendships, coming out, and mental health. Their story is beautifully framed by a cast of warm and supportive characters, each with their own unique struggles and strengths.

As the series progresses, Nick and Charlie’s bond strengthens, and they learn more about themselves and each other. They find comfort and strength in their LGBTQ+ friends, including Tao, Elle, Tara, Darcy, Aled, and Sahar, who share their experiences and support one another through life’s trials.

The author, Alice Oseman, skillfully weaves a heartwarming tale that touches on important themes like love, friendship, identity, and self-acceptance. The emotional journey of the characters resonates with readers, immersing them in the intricacies of teenage life and the exploration of one’s true self.

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Heartstopper’s popularity has soared since its debut as a webcomic on Tumblr and Tapas, attracting an enormous online fanbase with millions of views. The series received overwhelming support through a successful crowdfunding campaign and has since been published by Hachette Children’s Group.

The heartwarming narrative, accompanied by expressive and charming artwork, has captured the hearts of readers worldwide, leading to one million print copies sold to date. This fervor for the series culminated in a live-action Netflix adaptation, further solidifying Heartstopper’s place as a beloved and groundbreaking work in the LGBTQ+ young adult genre.

In conclusion, Heartstopper is a touching and emotionally resonant series that celebrates love, acceptance, and the power of true friendship. Alice Oseman’s masterful storytelling and vivid characterizations make it a must-read for anyone seeking a heartwarming and relatable journey through the complexities of love and life as a teenager.


Heartstopper tells the heartwarming story of Nick and Charlie, two teenage boys who meet and form a deep connection at Truham Grammar School. The series delves into their journey of love, acceptance, and self-discovery, as well as the lives and relationships of their LGBTQ+ friends.


Heartstopper is an emotional and heartwarming graphic novel series that beautifully captures the ups and downs of first love and the complexities of teenage life. Alice Oseman’s storytelling is powerful and relatable, tackling important themes with sensitivity and depth. The diverse and well-developed characters make the story even more engaging, as readers will find themselves deeply invested in their lives and struggles.

The artwork is charming and expressive, complementing the narrative perfectly. As the series progresses, it handles serious issues, such as mental health, and comes out, with grace and authenticity, making it a standout in the LGBTQ+ young adult genre.

The immense popularity and success of Heartstopper are well-deserved, evident in its massive online fanbase, sell-out book tours, and the Netflix adaptation. Whether you’re a fan of LGBTQ+ romance, coming-of-age stories, or just looking for a touching and heartwarming read, Heartstopper is an absolute must-read. The series’s emotional depth, engaging characters, and tender portrayal of love make it a true gem in the world of graphic novels.

Heartstopper Read Online or PDF Download

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