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Interested in hero has returned read online? Great, I know its latest chapter is awesome, and story is getting better and better.

Hero has returned also known as The Warriors Returns is a Korean manhwa series written by NARACK and Illustrated by FUNGBACK. It has Serialized in Naver Webtoon. The Manhwa is translated in English by webtoon.

Hero Has Returned Read Online
Hero Has Returned Read Online

Hero Has Returned Plot

The story is about warrior Kim Min-Su, after saving one world he returns to earth. He decides to destroy earth he used to call his home, because he lost everything.

He met a teenager name Park Jeong-Su in a rampage and kill him along with his family. He did not die, instead he transported to another world where he found that he become a warrior.

After killing the Demon lord of his alternate world and honing his skills as a warrior, Jeongsu returns to Earth, hell-bent on revenge against Minsu. As the two warriors fight with the fate of their country in the balance, who will emerge victorious?

Main Characters

Minsu Kim:

the primary antagonist of Hero has returned. He now goes by the name of the Sword Warrior, and he has returned to the world he was summoned from.

However, upon his return, he discovered that all of his relatives had passed away, which caused him to spiral into despair. His overwhelming sadness and rage led him to attempt to destroy the world, seeking to make everyone else as miserable as he was.

Seungu Jeon

played the role of an antagonist in the book “The Warrior Returns”. He portrayed the character of the Golem Warrior, who was also one of the 9-Warriors. Seungu Jeon’s frustration at his good deeds of saving another world to return home going unrewarded led him to join the group.

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Jeongsu Park

The protagonist of “Hero has returned” initially, he was an ordinary teenager who found himself caught up in Kim Min-Soo’s violent rampage.

However, he managed to survive by being summoned to another world where he transformed into a Warrior. After returning to his world as the Spear Warrior, he battles the 9-Warriors in an effort to protect his world and seek revenge for their victims.

Hwarang Hong: Hwarang Hong played the role of a supporting antagonist in the Hero Has Returned series. He was known as the Vampire Warrior and was a member of the 9-Warriors. However, it was later revealed that his body had been taken over by the female Demon Lord from his world. As a result, his true title was the Exorcist Warrior.

How to read Hero Has Returned online?

Reading it online isn’t difficult; you just need to purchase it. As of now, the free version isn’t available. 

  • Go to any platform from where you wish to purchase it. 
  • Pay the amount and start reading. 

Note – you can also compare the prices of the novel on different platforms before purchasing it. 

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