Hindenburg Report On Adani Pdf Read Online

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Hindenburg is a US company based in New York. It is famous as a financial research company and a short seller activist. It emphasizes finding accounting irregularities, illegal practices, undisclosed transactions, and many more things about organizations. It releases reports on different organizations from time to time. And recently, it released a report about The Adani group. 

Due to this report, the Indian share market was affected a lot, and traders and investors sold off their holdings in high amounts. Apart from that, the report has raised many questions regarding the group. 

Because of this effect, many people are curious to know everything it has said about the group. And that’s why they are looking for the Hindenburg report on Adani pdf. Are you one of them? If yes, read this article, as it will help you get the report. 

Hindenburg Report On Adani Pdf
Hindenburg Report On Adani Pdf Read Online

How to get the Hindenburg report on adani pdf? 

Steps to get it are easy – 

  • Head on to any search engine you use > search for “hindenburg report on adani pdf.” 
  • After this, many websites will appear that provides the report’s full pdf. 
  • Go to any of them (you think is safe) and download the pdf from there. 

Major points in the Hindenburg Report on the Adani Group

There are some main points because of which the brand’s reputation is affected – 

  1. Overvalued shares

The shares of the Adani group are overvalued. 

  1. Debt-fuelled Business

5 out of 7 companies of Adani group have more current liabilities than assets which is not considered good for any organization. In this situation, the company doesn’t have adequate assets to pay off its liabilities, especially in the short term. 

  1. Promoters pledging

Promoters of Adani companies are taking debt on their shares. And as I mentioned, the prices of the shares are already over-valued, and so is the debt. That’s why taking more loans against their shares isn’t a good move. 

  1. Management team

As per the report by Hindenburg, management members have a questionable past, including allegations of scams, etc.

  1. Excessive control of promoters
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It has been said that the promoters hold a high percentage of shares (approx 75%). A significant proportion of remaining shares are also controlled by shell organizations that are somehow related to the Adani group. 

Apart from these points, the report claims that the Adani group has used political connections to gain advantages in government contracts and regulations. It was involved in many unethical practices like money laundering, etc. 

Just like this, many other allegations are made about the Adani group. Eighty-eight questions have been raised. 

To know more about the accusations, you should read the report.

Effects of the report 

The group lost billions of dollars in just two trading days after the report was published. On the 25th of January, the Adani group shares lost around 10%. After its release, people sold off the group’s share in high amounts. 

Not only this, this report has caused considerable damage to the reputation of the group and raised many questions. The brand, which was trusted a lot by people in the market, has become dubious for many after the release of this report. 

Adani’s answer to the report

Adani group has released a 413-page response to the report. As per this response, the report was released to help the US firm in making financial profits. 

The allegations are a lie, and the report contains misinformation and concealed facts. In this response, 65 questions that arose in the report were answered; five are baseless, and the remaining 23 are related to third parties and shareholders. 

To get the details of this response, download its pdf too. The following are the steps – 

  • Go to google > search for Adani response report pdf > download it. 

Summing up… 

I hope you have understood how you can get the Hindenburg report on adani pdf. The process isn’t difficult; it will hardly take a minute or two. 

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