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Explore the captivating werewolf love story “I Will Never Be Yours” by Melan Pamp. Engage in the forbidden attraction and thrilling twists as you read online and follow Selena’s journey to keep her secrets hidden and escape the clutches of fate.


I Will Never Be Yours” is a captivating werewolf love story written by Melan Pamp. The story revolves around Selena, the Alpha’s second-chance mate, who had to leave her family and friends behind to survive on her own. Fate intervenes, leading to her capture by the Alpha’s guards, throwing her into the castle’s prison. Now, she must escape without the Alpha discovering her return and keep her secrets hidden.

About the Author:

Melan Pamp is the talented author behind “I Will Never Be Yours.”


The story features two main characters:

  1. Selena: An innocent-looking woman with blue eyes, Selena is strong-willed and values her loved ones deeply. She was forced to leave her pack to protect life-altering secrets.
  2. Alpha Kian: The king and ruler of the kingdom, Alpha Kian is cold-hearted and full of mysteries. He has a handsome face, distinct black hair, and a tall, muscular body.


“I Will Never Be Yours” by Melan Pamp is a compelling werewolf love story that delves into the complexities of second chances, secrets, and forbidden love. The story centers around Selena, a strong-willed woman who was once the Alpha’s second-chance mate. Forced to leave her family and friends behind, she built a new life for herself on her own terms.

However, fate has a different plan in store for Selena. Captured by the Alpha’s guards and accused of being an enemy, she finds herself imprisoned within the walls of the castle. As she struggles to escape without alerting the Alpha to her return, Selena must navigate a treacherous path of deceit and survival. The weight of her secrets threatens not only her own life but also the lives of those she cares about.

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At the heart of the story is the enigmatic Alpha Kian, a ruler with a cold exterior and a mysterious past. As Selena and Kian are drawn together by circumstances beyond their control, their interactions are marked by tension, passion, and conflicting emotions. The novel explores themes of identity, redemption, and the power of love, all set against the backdrop of a kingdom ruled by hierarchy and tradition.

The narrative unfolds through alternating viewpoints, providing insight into both Selena and Alpha Kian’s perspectives. With engaging plot twists, memorable dialogue, and well-crafted character development, “I Will Never Be Yours” captures the readers’ imagination and keeps them eagerly turning pages. As secrets unravel and emotions deepen, Selena and Kian’s journey is a roller-coaster of emotions that will resonate with fans of werewolf romance and those who appreciate tales of resilience, forbidden attraction, and the enduring strength of the human spirit.


I Will Never Be Yours follows Selena’s journey as she navigates the challenges of being the Alpha’s second-chance mate, leaving her pack behind, and surviving on her own. Fate brings her back into the kingdom, where she is captured and thrown into the castle’s prison. She must escape, keeping her identity a secret from Alpha Kian while protecting her loved ones.


“I Will Never Be Yours” stands out among many web novels due to its captivating storyline, memorable characters, and thrilling twists. The themes of love, power, survival, redemption, and freedom are expertly explored throughout the novel. The use of a first-person point of view creates an intimate connection between the characters and the readers, enhancing the emotional depth of the story.

The descriptive and narrative writing styles effectively convey the developments and scenes, creating a vivid mental image for readers. The strong character development, impactful dialogues, and engaging plot make “I Will Never Be Yours” a must-read for fans of the werewolf genre.

I Will Never be Yours Read Online or PDF Download

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