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Discover the emotional rollercoaster of “In the Likely Event” by Rebecca Yarros in PDF format on our website. Immerse yourself in this gripping second-chance military romance filled with passion and intensity. Download your copy now.

About the Author:

Rebecca Yarros, the talented author behind “In the Likely Event,” has once again delivered a captivating and emotionally charged story. With over fifteen novels to her name, including “Great and Precious Things” and “The Last Letter,” she has firmly established herself as a gifted storyteller. Her love for military heroes shines through in her writing, and she has been recognized for her excellence in the romance genre. Rebecca’s dedication extends beyond her writing, as she and her family are involved in a nonprofit, One October, dedicated to improving the lives of children in the foster care system. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to making a difference are evident in her work.


Nate: A military hero.
Izzy: A determined and passionate woman.


“In the Likely Event” by Rebecca Yarros is a captivating second-chance military romance that takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster through the dual perspectives of Nate and Izzy. The story alternates between past and present, creating a narrative that is as intense as it is heartwarming.

In the present day, set in 2021 Afghanistan during the withdrawal of American troops, Izzy embarks on a diplomatic mission, and her assigned security detail happens to be none other than Nate, a man from her past with whom she shares a complicated history. Sparks fly, revealing a palpable connection between them, but the scars of their past still haunt them.

The narrative then shifts to their first meeting years earlier on a fateful flight. When their plane crashes shortly after takeoff, their chance encounter turns into a profound connection that will shape the rest of their lives. The alternating timelines unravel the story of their passionate yet tumultuous relationship, filled with love, longing, and the challenges of time and distance.

As Nate and Izzy grapple with the complexities of their feelings for each other, they are also caught in the midst of a nation in turmoil, adding an extra layer of tension and danger to their reunion. Rebecca Yarros skillfully weaves the military aspects into the narrative, providing authenticity and excitement.

“In the Likely Event” is a story that explores the depths of love, sacrifice, and second chances. It’s a tale of two souls destined to be together but torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. Readers will be drawn into their passionate and anguished journey, celebrating their highs and empathizing with their lows. This emotionally charged romance, set against a backdrop of military intrigue, will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

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“In the Likely Event” takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions through a dual POV narrative that alternates between the past and present. In the present day, set in 2021 Afghanistan during the withdrawal of American troops, Izzy embarks on a diplomatic mission, and Nate becomes her assigned security detail. The sparks fly, revealing a history filled with unresolved feelings. The narrative then shifts to their first meeting on a fateful flight, where a plane crash sets the stage for a life-altering connection. The alternating timelines create a suspenseful and engaging reading experience as the story unfolds.


Rebecca Yarros has crafted a gripping and heartfelt second-chance romance that tugs at the heartstrings. The dual POV and alternating timelines provide a dynamic narrative structure that keeps readers eagerly flipping pages. Nate and Izzy’s love story is a beautiful blend of effortless connection and anguished separation. Their passion and intensity are palpable, and you’ll find yourself celebrating their highs and empathizing with their lows.

The author masterfully weaves the complexities of love and sacrifice against the backdrop of a country in turmoil. The military aspects are portrayed with authenticity, adding depth and excitement to the story. As the characters grapple with the challenges of a collapsing nation, the tension rises, making for an intensely gripping read.

“In the Likely Event” is a wonderfully written story that delivers on all fronts – romance, drama, and emotion. The ending is nothing short of dreamy, leaving readers with a heart full of love and satisfaction. This book has easily earned its place as one of my favorites of 2023. It deserves a resounding 5-star rating.

Rebecca Yarros has once again proven her prowess in delivering a memorable and emotionally charged romance that will stay with readers long after they’ve turned the final page. If you’re a fan of second-chance romances with a unique twist and a healthy dose of military intrigue, “In the Likely Event” is a must-read.

In the Likely Event PDF Download & Read Online

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