Japji Sahib Pdf Download Or Read Online In Hindi & Punjabi

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Japji Sahib Pdf: Japji Sahib is a sacred prayer in Sikhism that is recited daily by millions of Sikhs around the world. It is a hymn composed by Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, and is considered one of the most important compositions in the Sikh holy scriptures.

Japji Sahib Pdf
Japji Sahib Pdf

Overview of the Book

The book is divided into 38 chapters, each providing a detailed commentary on one of the 38 verses of Japji Sahib. The commentary covers a wide range of topics, including the nature of God, the purpose of human life, the cycle of birth and death, and the importance of meditation and self-discipline. The book also includes a brief introduction to Japji Sahib and its historical and cultural context.

Strengths of the Book

Clarity and accessibility

The commentary is written in simple and straightforward language, making it easy for readers to understand and apply the teachings of Japji Sahib to their daily lives.

Depth and richness

The commentary provides a detailed analysis of each verse, drawing on a range of spiritual and philosophical traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.

Weaknesses of the Book

Reliance on traditional interpretations

While the commentary provides a valuable insight into the historical and cultural context of the prayer, it may not fully reflect the diversity of interpretations and perspectives that exist within the Sikh community.

Lack of practical guidance

Theoretical framework for understanding the prayer is available but it does not offer specific techniques or exercises for developing a daily practice.

Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi

The Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi is available on many websites, including the official website of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC). The PDF is in the Gurmukhi script, which is the standard script used for writing Punjabi in Sikhism. It contains the entire text of Japji Sahib in the original language, along with a translation in Punjabi.

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Japji Sahib Path PDF in Hindi

The Japji Sahib Path PDF in Hindi is also widely available online. It is a translation of Japji Sahib into Hindi, which is the national language of India. The PDF is in the Devanagari script, which is the standard script used for writing Hindi. It contains the entire text of Japji Sahib in Hindi, along with a transliteration of the Gurmukhi script and a translation in Hindi.

Japji Sahib Sikhnet PDF

The Japji Sahib PDF available on Sikhnet is a comprehensive version that includes the original Gurmukhi script, a transliteration in English, and a translation in English. It also includes audio recordings of Japji Sahib recited by different musicians, along with a video explanation of each verse by Sikhnet’s founder, Gurumustuk Singh. The PDF is available for free download on Sikhnet’s website.


Japji Sahib: The Song of the Soul” is a valuable resource for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Japji Sahib and Sikhism’s teachings and values. The book’s clarity and accessibility make it a useful guide for beginners, while its depth and richness make it a valuable resource for scholars and practitioners. While the book has some weaknesses, overall it provides a valuable commentary on Japji Sahib that can inspire and guide readers on their spiritual journey.

The Japji Sahib Path PDF in Punjabi and Hindi and the Japji Sahib PDF available on Sikhnet are valuable resources for anyone interested in studying and reciting Japji Sahib. Each version has its own unique features that make it useful for different purposes.

The availability of Japji Sahib PDF in different languages and formats ensures that this sacred prayer can be accessed and understood by a wider audience, contributing to the spread of Sikhism’s teachings and values.

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