Joey by Sadie Read Online & PDF Download

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Looking to read “Joey” by Sadie online for free? Explore our website, where you can dive into the captivating world of this standalone Mafia romance. Experience the intense love, danger, and secrets as you follow Maximo and Joey’s forbidden journey. Start reading now.

Joey by Sadie Read Online & PDF Download
Joey by Sadie Read Online & PDF Download


“Joey” by Sadie is a standalone, brother’s best friend romance that delves into the dangerous world of the Mafia. The story follows Maximo DiMarco, a notorious enforcer and loyal right-hand man of the Cosa Nostra, and Joey, a Mafia princess who yearns to break free from her perceived identity. Their intense connection and forbidden love make for a thrilling and steamy tale.

About the Author

Sadie, the author of “Joey,” is a contemporary and dark romance writer who has a knack for creating compelling stories centered around strong, dominant alpha males and the women they fiercely protect and cherish. With a talent for weaving intricate plots filled with passion and emotion, Sadie has established herself as a captivating voice in the romance genre.


  1. Maximo DiMarco: A dark and dangerous Mafia enforcer with a captivating allure and a troubled past. He is torn between his loyalty to Joey’s brothers and the undeniable sparks that ignite whenever he’s around her.
  2. Joey: A spoiled Mafia princess who longs to be seen for who she truly is. Despite her inexperience, she shares a deep connection with Maximo and craves the excitement and love he brings into her life.


“Joey” by Sadie is a gripping standalone romance that delves into the captivating and dangerous world of the Mafia. Maximo DiMarco, a notorious Mafia enforcer and the loyal right-hand man of the Cosa Nostra, has always been the protector of Joey, a seemingly spoiled Mafia princess. But beneath Joey’s façade lies a desire to be seen for who she truly is. Maximo, with his dark and lethal demeanor, is the only man who makes her feel truly alive.

Despite their undeniable connection and the sparks that constantly fly between them, Maximo remains loyal to Joey’s brothers, preventing him from acting on their shared attraction. However, as their interactions grow more intense, it becomes clear that Maximo is teetering on the edge of losing control.

Yet, Maximo carries a dark past and secrets that haunt him relentlessly. When their past catches up with them, it threatens their chance at happiness. Joey is willing to forsake everything she has ever known for a life with Maximo, but their love affair puts them in danger, testing the loyalty of those around them.

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“Joey” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, featuring a jealous and possessive male protagonist, an age-gap romance, moments of praise and punishment, an inexperienced female protagonist, and an electrifying dynamic between the characters. As their love story unfolds, readers will find themselves enthralled by the passionate and forbidden connection between Maximo and Joey.

Will Maximo and Joey find a way to overcome the obstacles in their path and embrace their love fully? Or will their secrets and the unforgiving world of the Mafia tear them apart? “Joey” takes readers on a thrilling journey filled with love, danger, and the ultimate test of loyalty, making it an unforgettable standalone romance in the dark romance genre.


“Joey” takes readers on a thrilling journey into the passionate and dangerous world of the Mafia. Maximo’s protective instincts for Joey are unwavering, and their forbidden attraction sizzles with tension. As their relationship intensifies, they must navigate the complexities of loyalty, secrets, and the consequences of their actions. The story is filled with age-gap romance, jealousy, possessiveness, and moments of praise and punishment. The author masterfully builds suspense as Maximo’s dark past threatens their chance at happiness, leaving readers eagerly flipping through the pages to discover the outcome.


“Joey” by Sadie is an enthralling read that captivates from start to finish. The chemistry between Maximo and Joey is electric, and the forbidden nature of their relationship adds an exciting layer to the story. Sadie’s writing style effortlessly brings the characters to life, making it easy to become emotionally invested in their journey.

The portrayal of Maximo as a jealous and possessive alpha male is executed brilliantly, making readers root for his redemption and the realization of his love for Joey. The inclusion of an age-gap romance and the exploration of power dynamics adds depth and complexity to their connection, keeping the reader engaged throughout.

The plot is well-paced, seamlessly combining moments of passion, suspense, and emotional turmoil. Sadie skillfully balances the romantic elements with the gritty world of the Mafia, creating a story that is both alluring and dangerous.

Overall, “Joey” is a compelling standalone romance that will appeal to fans of dark romance and Mafia-themed stories. With its engaging characters, intense passion, and suspenseful twists, this book is a must-read for those seeking a captivating and steamy love story. Sadie’s talent for crafting gripping narratives shines through, making “Joey” a book that readers won’t be able to put down.

Joey by Sadie Read Online & PDF Download

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