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Jojolands Read Online

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has released the first chapter of JoJo Lands in which two new Joestars are introduced. The names of those are Jodio and Dragons, who will be the main stars in the manga. Just after the release of this chapter, it has been in talks, and many want to read it.

And if you have searched for “jojolands read online,” you too may be looking for the first chapter. Right? Yes? Continue reading because I’m going to explain its summary and the process of reading it online. So to avoid missing anything, make sure you go through it –

Summary of the first chapter of JoJo Lands

It narrates a story about Jodio Joestar becoming wealthy on the islands. On Oahu and Hawaii, two cops stopped two teenagers who were listening to music at a very high volume in a pickup truck. One of the cops asks them to stop the music, but the driver is still confused about why their truck is stopped. Then, the cop tells them that they were driving unsteadily and asks them to show their license and truck’s registration. 

After that, the driver asks Jodio, his passenger, to confirm whether he was driving unsteadily. Jodio says that it might be because of the music they were listening to. 

The cop is irritated after the teenagers laugh, and that’s why he asks for the age of Jodio. The driver then says that Jodio is 15, which is a lie because they are 18. 

After this, the cop accused them of stealing the truck, but the driver objects and says it’s their parents. Not only this, but the driver also complains about the distance of the cops as he could have Covid-19. 

Irritated by this, the cop asks them to get out of the truck and do a pat-down and accuses them of having drugs later. He starts harassing the driver by putting his hands into his undergarments by saying that women have more hiding places than men.

He then realizes that the driver isn’t a woman, but he is aroused. After seeing all this, Jodio exits the truck and walks towards that cop. Another cop asks him to stop, but he ignores him and threatens the officer to stop harassing his brother. 

It hurts the ego of the officers, and they point their guns toward Jodio. Suddenly, one cop is pinned down due to Jodio’s stand, and just before another fire at Jodio, the driver uses their stand to throw off his aim. After this, Jodio attacks this cop with his stand and crushes him. 

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Irked, he stomps the cop until his brother (driver) stops him. He then burns the camera and the officer’s vehicle so that they would have no proof and won’t be able to arrest them. The driver hugs Jodio and then drives to their gang’s point.

The members of their group retrieve the drugs they smuggled. However, one member reprimands them for arriving late and asks whether they have heard about the police car that is burned down. But they ignored the question. 

Afterward, it’s divulged that they actually did steal the truck. 

Without giving you spoilers about the entire chapter, I would suggest you read it by yourself. I have given an idea of what next you will get in the manga, so if you are interested, you can invest your time reading it. 

How Can You Read JoJo Lands?

Well, I know you are eagerly looking for a source where you can read it online. But unfortunately, it’s not available for free yet. You must read it via Ultra Jump because they are the official publishers. 

So you should look for “jojolands read online” after some time. Maybe someone will publish the first chapter. 

⏩ You might not get it on google even after some days. But you shouldn’t miss searching for it on youtube because some YouTubers have posted it with voice-over. So that’s a great option for reading it for free and checking its reviews. 

End Note 

JoJo Lands is the 9th part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, whose first chapter was released recently. People are crazy after it and looking for a way to read it online. But they are unable to find the free copy of the first chapter. Although, it’s because they are looking for it in the wrong place.

Yet, website owners haven’t uploaded the complete chapter, but YouTubers have done so. So look for the chapter there, and you will undoubtedly get it. 

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