jujutsu kaisen JJk 249 read online

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JJK 249 read online

Reading Jujutsu Kaisen’s chapter 249 online is simple. If you are here, you may be looking for the same. Right? If yes, here are the steps that will help you get it – 

jujutsu kaisen (JJK) 249 read online
  • Hunt for the manga’s chapter by typing in “jjk 249 read online,” or “jujutsu kaisen chapter 249 read online” on google or any other search engine. 
  • Then, directly go to the official website of jujutsu kaisen – there are many by this name which provide the manga’s chapter free of cost. Visit any of them and the chapter will open automatically. After this, just scroll and that’s it. 

Hold on guys! There is one more interesting thing you may wanna know about – the summary of the chapter. Here’s it – 

The chapter starts with a flashback to when Yuta beheaded Kenjaku. Right after, cursed spirits start causing chaos. Yuta then tells Rika to control the spirits.

Despite Yuta’s lethal attack, Kenjaku survives and discloses his backup plan. He reveals that the ritual with Sukuna is complete, and an embryo form of Tengen is launched toward Sukuna. However, Yuta intervenes and pierces Kenjaku’s head.

In his last words to Yuta, Kenjaku expresses satisfaction in playing with Takaba and hints that Yuta is now next in line for the “fun.” He says, “I’m glad that the last person I played with was him (Takaba). Now it’s your turn.”

Yuta senses something amiss, noting that Sukuna’s RCT output is returning to normal. Concerned about Higuruma-san’s death, he regrets not being present during the events and wonders if supporting the ‘executioner’s sword’ plan would have been better.

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Moving on to the battle against Sukuna, Yuta and Rika engage in combat. Yuta swings his sword, but Sukuna effortlessly catches it. Yuta and Rika then combine forces and launch dual attacks on Sukuna.

In a surprising turn of events, Yuta releases his domain against Sakuna. Yet, Sukuna responds with a counterattack. Despite Sukuna’s defensive move, Yuta swiftly lands a technique he had replicated from Uro. Sukuna becomes aware of Yuta’s intention to permanently eliminate him.

And this is how the story moves forward. 

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