Las 48 Leyes Del Poder Pdf Gratis Completo

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Las 48 Leyes Del Poder Pdf Gratis Completo: Interested in reading self-help books? Las 28 leye del poder is one of the finest books in the category. It is a non-fiction book written by an American author – Robert Greene. It is a New York best seller book which is already being translated into 24 languages.

Las 48 Leyes Del Poder Pdf Gratis Completo

More than 1.2 million copies of this book are being sold in the USA only. It is one of the most demanded books in libraries of the USA.

Are you here to get las 48 leyes del poder pdf? If yes, read further – 

How to read the las 48 leyes del poder book? 

Wanna read it? Here’s how you can – 

  • Search for “Las 48 Leyes Del Poder Pdf Gratis Completo” on the search engine. 
  • Visit websites that provide it for free (there are many, so visit whichever you like). 
  • Get the book from there and enjoy. 

That’s all. 

Main points in the book 

In this book, the author has mainly talked about the habits of powerful people. In this, 48 laws are mentioned, those are – 

  1. Hide your talents until you master them.
  2. Never trusts anyone completely. 
  3. Never divulge your ideas or intentions. 
  4. Speak limited.
  5. Make your personality better.
  6. Get your work done from others but take the credit yourself.
  7. Induce others to come to you. 
  8. Always win with actions. Don’t use arguments to win as it can cause resentment. 
  9. Avoid unhappy people.
  10. Make people dependent on you in some way or other.
  11. Use generosity to take people on your side.
  12. Whenever you ask for help, appeal to the self-interests of people you are asking help from.
  13. Pose as a pal but work as a detective.
  14. Never destroy your enemy temporarily.
  15. Use absence to improve your perceived value.
  16. Be unpredictable.
  17. Isolation never helps, so be social.
  18. Select your rivals wisely.
  19. Never commit to anyone except yourself.
  20. Look stupid than you are.
  21. Be capable of making your weakness your power.
  22. Save your energy by focusing it on one thing.
  23. Be a perfect courtier.
  24. Forge your identity and work accordingly. 
  25. Don’t be related to nasty deeds in any way.
  26. Make a cult-like following.
  27. Be sure of your actions; don’t do anything half-heartedly.
  28. Plan everything.
  29. Be mysterious about how you succeeded.
  30.  Set-up a narrow range of choices.
  31. Play your game with people’s wishes.
  32. Find your rivals’ weaknesses.
  33. Behave like a king if you want to be treated like that.
  34. Master the art of perfect timing.
  35. Ignore the things you can’t have.
  36. Make attractive spectacles.  
  37. Ponder as you like but behave like others. 
  38. Stay calm and try to infuriate your rivals. 
  39. Never trust free of charge things.
  40. Don’t follow others; make your own identity.
  41. Don’t waste time.
  42. Focus on the heart and mind of people.
  43. Infuriate others.
  44. Never reform too much at once; give this process some time.
  45. Don’t try to look perfect.
  46. Learn when to stop.
  47. Don’t become egoistic after success. 
  48. Be adaptive. 
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These are the 48 laws of power mentioned in this self-help novel. If you wish to read the explanation of all these, you should go for the book. 

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