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Looking for a free download of “Living Sober” in PDF format? Look no further! Our website offers a free PDF download of this classic resource for anyone looking to quit drinking and live a fulfilling, sober life.

Living Sober PDF Download
Living Sober PDF Download


Written by Barry L. and Johnnie H., both members of Alcoholics Anonymous, “Living Sober” was first published in 1975 and has since become a classic resource for people in recovery.

The book is organized into short chapters that cover a range of topics related to sober living, including dealing with cravings and triggers, building a support system, and navigating social situations without drinking.


One of the strengths of “Living Sober” is its focus on practical strategies for staying sober. The authors draw on their own experiences as well as the experiences of other AA members to offer insights and advice for dealing with common challenges faced by those in recovery.

For example, they provide tips for avoiding triggers, such as avoiding people, places, and situations that might lead to drinking, and for dealing with cravings, such as distracting oneself with exercise or other activities.

Another key aspect of the book is its emphasis on building a support system. The authors stress the importance of connecting with other sober people, whether through AA meetings or other support groups, and offer guidance for how to do so. They also encourage readers to reach out to friends and family members who are supportive of their recovery.

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Main points

  • Dealing with cravings and triggers
  • Building a support system
  • Navigating social situations without drinking
  • Taking care of oneself through exercise, healthy eating, and self-care
  • Staying positive and focusing on the benefits of sobriety


The main message of “Living Sober” is that sobriety is possible and achievable, but it requires effort and support. The authors offer practical strategies for staying sober, but they also emphasize the importance of connecting with others and taking care of oneself. The book provides hope and inspiration for those struggling with alcohol addiction, and offers a roadmap for how to live a fulfilling and sober life.

About the author

Barry L. and Johnnie H. are both members of Alcoholics Anonymous and have many years of sobriety between them. They wrote “Living Sober” based on their own experiences and the experiences of other AA members, with the goal of providing a practical guide for those in recovery.


“Living Sober” is a practical guide for anyone who is struggling with alcohol addiction and looking to quit drinking and maintain sobriety.

The book offers valuable insights and guidance for those in recovery, drawing on the experiences of AA members to provide a roadmap for living a fulfilling and sober life.

Living Sober PDF Download & Read Online

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