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Manqoos Moulid PDF Download
Manqoos Moulid PDF Download or Read Online


Manqoos Moulid, also known as Al-Mawlid ul Manqoos, is a significant religious text originating in Kerala, India. It holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims, particularly in the Malabar region, and has been a source of spiritual inspiration for many. This review delves into the history and content of Manqoos Moulid, shedding light on its relevance and significance.

Historical Background

Manqoos Moulid was composed by the revered Muslim scholar, Sheikh Maqdoom Zainuddin bin `Ali bin Ahmad, between 1467-1522. Its creation was a response to the prevailing fears of plague, smallpox, and natural disasters in the Malabar region. Sheikh Maqdoom, as a spiritual leader, sought to address these concerns through this mawlid, drawing inspiration from earlier works while infusing it with themes tailored to the region’s challenges.

Significance and Devotion

Manqoos Moulid, often referred to as “The Shortened Mawlid,” has since become a cherished part of the religious practices of Kerala’s Muslim communities. It is recited with great devotion, especially during the month of Rabee’ul Awwal and on special occasions. Its recitation serves as a means of seeking blessings, expressing love for the Prophet, and addressing the challenges faced by the community.

Teaching Love and Devotion

The Mawlid serves as a vehicle for parents to instill love and devotion to the Prophet in their children. Its verses describe the Prophet’s virtues, beauty, generosity, and forgiveness, making it an effective pedagogical tool. Teaching these values to the young is considered significant, as it helps shape their character and instills a deep love for the Prophet from a young age.

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Intercession and Blessings

Two phrases from Manqoos Moulid, “anta munjeena ghada” (you are my saviour tomorrow) and “shafa`atuhu hab lana” (bless us with the intercession), reflect the belief that the Prophet will intercede on behalf of believers on the Day of Judgment. This intercession is a source of hope and supplication among Muslims, who pray for the Prophet’s intercession in their favor.


Manqoos Moulid is not just a religious text; it’s a source of spiritual guidance, love, and hope for Muslims in Kerala and beyond. Its historical significance, pedagogical power, and the belief in the Prophet’s intercession make it a cherished part of their faith and devotion. This review highlights its enduring relevance and the role it plays in fostering a deep connection with the Prophet and the Islamic tradition.

Manqoos Moulid PDF

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