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Welcome to our website! Explore the gripping and thought-provoking world of “Marvel Ruins” as reporter Phil Sheldon uncovers a twisted Marvel Universe. Read this hauntingly captivating two-issue miniseries online, exploring the darker side of superhero origins.


“Ruins” is a thought-provoking two-issue comic book miniseries published by Marvel Comics. Written by Warren Ellis with painted artwork by Terese Nielsen, Cliff Nielsen, and Chris Moeller, the series is a dystopian parody of Marvels. It explores a twisted version of the Marvel Universe, showcasing the disastrous consequences of superhero experiments.

About the Author

Warren Ellis, the talented writer behind “Ruins,” presents a unique and dark take on the Marvel Universe. The comic delves into the consequences of superhero origins, creating a compelling and thought-provoking narrative.


The characters in “Ruins” are portrayed in a darker and tragic light, reflecting the twisted nature of the Marvel Universe in this miniseries.

  1. Phil Sheldon: The former Daily Bugle reporter serves as the protagonist, investigating the aftermath of superhero experiments gone wrong.
  2. President X: The oppressive leader of the United States government, faced with rebellion from radical Avengers.
  3. Wolverine: In this reality, Wolverine suffers from the toxicity of his adamantium bone structure, resulting in a decaying body.
  4. Captain Mar-Vell: A Kree prisoner who shares the story of the failed Kree invasion and the role of the Silver Surfer.
  5. Nick Fury: A government agent whose mind has deteriorated, leading to violent actions.
  6. Max Eisenhardt: Also known as Magneto, he experiences a tragic and chaotic death due to a magnetic dampening device malfunction.
  7. Ben Grimm: The last surviving member of the Fantastic Four, transformed into a monstrous being after exposure to cosmic radiation.
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“Ruins” takes readers on a gripping journey through a twisted and dystopian Marvel Universe. In this two-issue miniseries, reporter Phil Sheldon explores a world where superhero experiments have disastrous consequences, resulting in deformities and fatal accidents. As he delves deeper into this dark reality, Sheldon encounters familiar characters in tragic and haunting forms, witnessing the unraveling of a world gone wrong. Warren Ellis’ thought-provoking narrative, combined with Terese Nielsen, Cliff Nielsen, and Chris Moeller’s beautifully painted artwork, creates a hauntingly captivating and unsettling exploration of the darker side of superhero origins. “Ruins” challenges the conventional superhero narrative, leaving readers with a powerful and lasting impression of this grim alternate universe.


“Ruins” presents an alternative Marvel Universe where superhero experiments lead to horrifying deformities and fatal accidents. Reporter Phil Sheldon explores this dystopian world, unveiling the tragic consequences of superhero origins and encounters with familiar characters in twisted forms.


“Ruins” offers a hauntingly captivating and beautifully painted glimpse into a darker Marvel Universe. Warren Ellis skillfully crafts a dystopian narrative that challenges the traditional superhero conventions, questioning the potential dark side of their powers. Terese Nielsen, Cliff Nielsen, and Chris Moeller’s artwork adds depth and emotion to the tragic portrayal of familiar characters. For fans seeking a thought-provoking and unsettling take on the Marvel Universe, “Ruins” is a compelling read that leaves a lasting impression.

Marvel Ruins Read Online or PDF Download

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