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My Dark Romeo read online is a dark romance novel co-written by L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington. The book tells the story of Dallas Townsend, a sheltered and spoiled heiress who is already engaged to a man her father chose.

On the night of her debutante ball, she meets Romeo Costa, the future CEO of Costa Industries. The two enter into a marriage of convenience, but Romeo is driven by revenge rather than love, and Dallas is just a pawn in his game.

My Dark Romeo Read Online
My Dark Romeo Read Online

My Dark Romeo Read Online

My Dark Romeo is an outstanding read, and a personal favorite. The authors did an excellent job of creating unique and complex characters that readers will fall in love with. Dallas is a strong and feisty heroine, while Romeo is a frustrating but ultimately irresistible hero.

The story offers up a potent and addictive blend of emotions, drama, tension, and humor that will keep readers engaged from start to finish.

The book is not for the faint of heart, as it deals with dark themes and complicated relationships. However, for fans of dark romance, this is must-read. The authors’ writing style is engaging and immersive, and the story is expertly crafted to keep readers hooked.

About the author  L. J. Shen & Parker S. Huntington

L.J. Shen is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author known for her captivating and edgy romance novels. Parker S. Huntington is also a bestselling author, known for her unique and complex romance stories.

My Dark Romeo Characters:

Dallas Townsend: a 21-year-old heiress who is engaged to Madison Licht

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Romeo Costa: the future CEO of Costa Industries, a dark and calculating man fueled by revenge

Oliver, Franklin, and Zach: secondary characters who add humor to the story.

My Dark Romeo Synopsis

My fairy tale turned into a cautionary one.
Inked in tar and sealed in tears.

It was supposed to be a harmless kiss at a lavish debutante ball.
A clandestine moment with a handsome stranger.

But unlike his namesake, my Romeo isn’t driven by love.
He’s fueled by revenge.

To him, I’m a chess piece. Leverage.
His rival’s betrothed.
To me, he is a man deserving of poison.
A dark prince I refuse to marry.

He thinks I’ll accept my fate.
Well, I plan to rewrite it.

And in my story, Juliet doesn’t die.
But Romeo? He perishes.

My Dark Romeo Summary

My Dark Romeo is a standalone novel set in the Dark Prince Road world. The book features an enemies-to-lovers romance, slow burn, spicy moments, and plenty of family drama, competition, and attempted murder.

Dallas and Romeo’s story is complex, emotional, and captivating, with plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers on their toes.

End Note

Overall, My Dark Romeo is a lush, emotional, and captivating romance novel that offers up complex characters, a captivating storyline, and plenty of drama and tension.

I highly recommend this book to fans of dark romance and enemies-to-lovers stories, and I can’t wait to read more from both L.J. Shen and Parker S. Huntington in the future.

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My Dark Romeo PDF Download Free

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