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Welcome to our website! Dive into the captivating world of “My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress” and read it online for free. Join Isuzu and Baroque in their thrilling vampire-fighting journey full of action and mysteries. Enjoy the manga right here, right now.


“My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress” is a thrilling manga series set in a world overrun by vampires. It follows Isuzu Osaka, a squad captain in the Anti-Vampire Safety Force, who strikes a deal with Baroque, a powerful vampiress known for her beauty and deadly curses, to protect his friends and humanity.

About the Author

The series is created by mangaka Chisaki Kanai, who previously worked on “When a Magician’s Pupil Smiles.” Their third series, “My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress,” showcases a polished and engaging storytelling style.


The manga introduces Isuzu Osaka, the determined protagonist and squad captain of the Anti-Vampire Safety Force. Baroque, a famous vampiress, is depicted as “moe” but later reveals her strength and unique curse-casting abilities. Both characters have intriguing backgrounds and secrets yet to be fully uncovered.


In a world plagued by vampires, Isuzu Osaka, a squad captain of the Anti-Vampire Safety Force, finds himself at a critical juncture as humanity struggles to survive. With vampires outnumbering humans and the threat of extinction looming, Isuzu seeks desperate measures to protect his friends and his species.

Determined to turn the tides of the war, Isuzu sets out on a daring mission to strike a deal with Baroque, a powerful and enigmatic vampiress. Legend has it that her beauty is so captivating that it drives all who gaze upon her mad. However, Isuzu is willing to risk everything if it means gaining her help in fighting their common enemy.

To his surprise, Isuzu discovers that Baroque is not the ruthless monster he expected. Instead, he finds her held captive by the Japanese government in a top-secret facility, subjected to inhumane experiments. Seeing an opportunity to change their fates, Isuzu proposes an alliance to Baroque. He acknowledges her past deeds as a vampire hunter and asks her to join forces in protecting humanity against the growing vampire threat.

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Baroque, having endured captivity for so long, accepts Isuzu’s offer, and the unlikely duo sets out to defeat their first vampire target. However, their victory is short-lived as they are immediately captured by government forces. Facing death and captivity once again, Isuzu pleads for Baroque’s freedom, emphasizing her newfound role as a protector of humanity.

A twist of fate forces the government officials to relent, and Isuzu and Baroque are begrudgingly paired as a vampire-fighting unit. Though they are closely monitored, their partnership provides a glimmer of hope for humanity’s survival. As they continue their fight against the vampire threat, secrets are unveiled, and their bond deepens, uncovering hidden truths about both Isuzu and Baroque.

“My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress” is a captivating manga that intertwines action, supernatural elements, and character-driven storytelling. Through a world filled with danger and intrigue, Isuzu and Baroque’s journey offers readers a thrilling adventure as they uncover the mysteries surrounding vampires and the true nature of their alliance.


The story revolves around Isuzu’s quest to protect humanity from vampires by seeking help from Baroque. They form an unlikely alliance, but the government keeps a close eye on them. The manga delves into an exciting history of vampires, and Baroque’s curse-based fighting adds depth to the plot.


“My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress” offers a polished and entertaining read. Mangaka Chisaki Kanai expertly balances action and character interactions, engaging the story. The artwork is superb, especially during the detailed action scenes. The series also knows when to be serious and when to infuse humor, adding to its appeal.

Although Baroque’s character may seem one-dimensional initially, the manga leaves room for her development in future volumes. The realistic approach to certain elements, like the government holding her captive, adds depth to the plot.

“My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress” is an attractive offering for shonen fans, earning a well-deserved 9/10 rating. It promises exciting developments in the upcoming volumes and will undoubtedly please vampire enthusiasts.

My Dear Curse-Casting Vampiress Read Online or PDF Download

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