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Have you heard about the novel published in 2019 by Telaga Aksara Ft Mazaya Media? The novel that is written by Khilma anis? The novel that is presented from three perspectives – from the couple’s perspective and the author’s perspective.Any guesses about which novel I’m talking about? No? Let me tell you, I’m talking about Hati Suhita. Are you here to get the Novel Hati Suhita Pdf?

Novel Hati Suhita Pdf

If yes, you should read it till the end as I’ll provide not only you the method to get the pdf but also its summary. 

Summary of Hati Suhita

Hati Sahita is a novel that talks about the arranged marriage of Alina Suhita and Gus Biru. Suhita was a student at pesantren till adulthood, whereas Gus Biru is the son of Kyai (a teacher at the same school Suhita studied).

Gus’s parents were impressed by Suhita’s performance, so they decided to talk to her parents about her marriage with their son. They hoped she would help them with the struggling institution and give birth to good children. But Gus isn’t interested in her. He loves a woman named Yogyakarta, but in the end, he gets married to Suhita. 

Further, the novel explains the conflicts between the couple and how they handle everything. 

Without giving you much spoilers, let’s move to the downloading process of the novel. 

How to download the pdf of Hati Suhita? 

You don’t need to jump to any other website to download the pdf of this amazing novel. You can get it from our website too – 

  • Go to the download pdf option > click on it. 
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I hope you won’t encounter any issues in downloading the novel. But if you do, feel free to ask for help in the comment section.

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