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Welcome to our website. Dive into the captivating world of “Painter of the Night” and read it online. This yaoi webcomic by Byeonduck explores love, trauma, and self-acceptance with stunning art and compelling storytelling. Enjoy the emotional journey right here.


“Painter of the Night” is a captivating South Korean yaoi webcomic by artist Byeonduck. This webcomic has gained popularity for its beautiful art style and engaging storytelling, as it delves into the complex relationship between two young men.

About the Author

Byeonduck, the talented artist behind “Painter of the Night,” weaves an emotionally rich story that explores themes of love, trauma, and self-acceptance. With stunning landscapes and vivid character designs, her art brings the characters’ emotions to life.


The webcomic features a cast of intriguing characters, each with their own struggles and motivations.

  1. Yoon Seungho: Known as the “Painter of the Night,” Seungho is a gifted artist living in seclusion. He bears emotional scars from a tragic past, making it difficult for him to trust others.
  2. Kim Na-kyum: A confident and beautiful young man with dreams of becoming a renowned artist. Na-kyum asks Seungho to be his model, leading to a complex and deepening relationship.
  3. Seo Mun: Seungho’s childhood friend and a successful businessman who secretly harbors feelings for him.
  4. Lee Jang-mi: Na-kyum’s supportive childhood friend and roommate, encouraging him to pursue his artistic dreams.
  5. Park Dong-Jin: Seungho’s former art teacher who mentors him and helps him overcome his past traumas.
  6. Choi Soo-min: Na-kyum’s art school friend and rival, struggling with jealousy and hostility towards him.


In the captivating South Korean yaoi webcomic “Painter of the Night,” we are introduced to Yoon Seungho, a talented and reclusive artist known as the “Painter of the Night.” Seungho lives alone in a secluded mansion and rarely displays his artwork to others due to his emotional scars from a tragic past.

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One day, Kim Na-kyum, a confident and aspiring artist, seeks Seungho’s assistance as his model. Na-kyum’s charm and determination win Seungho over, and he agrees to become his model. As they work together, a complex and deepening relationship begins to form between the two young men.

As the story unfolds, we learn more about Seungho’s tragic past and the reasons behind his reclusive lifestyle. Simultaneously, Na-kyum grapples with his own feelings for Seungho, realizing that he is falling in love with him. Their relationship becomes a delicate dance of emotions, as they confront their inner demons and navigate the complexities of their feelings for each other.

“Painter of the Night” is a beautifully drawn and emotionally rich webcomic that explores themes of love, trauma, and self-acceptance. Byeonduck’s stunning artwork brings the characters’ emotions to life, adding depth to their journey. With each chapter, readers are drawn into the intricate world of Seungho and Na-kyum, experiencing their struggles, growth, and the power of art to connect and heal. This webcomic is a compelling read for fans of the yaoi genre and anyone seeking a complex and emotionally resonant story.


In “Painter of the Night,” Yoon Seungho, a reclusive artist, becomes the model for the aspiring artist Kim Na-kyum. Their professional relationship evolves into a complicated romance, as they navigate their own emotional demons and past traumas.


“Painter of the Night” is a visually stunning and emotionally complex yaoi webcomic. The webcomic skillfully explores themes of love, self-acceptance, and the power of art in a nuanced manner. The characters are beautifully drawn and multi-dimensional, making their journey captivating and resonant. If you appreciate a well-crafted story with gorgeous artwork, “Painter of the Night” is a must-read.

Painter of the Night Read Online or PDF Download

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