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Do you want to download the pit babe novel pdf – the novel which was originally written by alittlebixth? If yes, read on. But before moving on to the process of downloading it, let’s talk about the novel first. 

It was first shared online in 2020 and in 2022, it was officially published as a two-volume physical book.

Pit Babe Novel Pdf

The novel has gained recognition for its explicit sexual content, receiving both praise and criticism from readers. 

This novel achieved commercial success, with over 100,000 copies sold in Thailand. Its popularity extended globally through translations into various languages, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese.

The story has been brought to life through a stage play, debuting in Thailand in 2022

Now, let’s get to its summary – 

Pit Babe Summary

The story revolves around Chaliew, a socially awkward college student with a passion for becoming a professional race car driver. He looks up to Babe, a renowned figure in the racing world. 

One day, he approaches Babe to seek guidance and support in pursuing his dream of becoming a race car driver.

But he faces a challenge—he doesn’t own a racecar. Then he makes a peculiar deal with Babe, the renowned “Pit Babe,” agrees to assist him in making his dream a reality.

As they start this journey together, their bond deepens. However, their relationship becomes intricate due to Babe’s complicated past and Chaliew’s personal insecurities. 

How to get Pit Babe novel pdf?

The process of getting the pit babe novel’s English translation on wattpad is easy. Here’s it – 

  • Search for “pit babe novel english translation wattpad” on google and then, go to the wattpad official website. 
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That’s all; you can then read the novel from there. 

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