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“Explore the captivating world of ‘Psycho Shifters‘ by Jasmine Mas, a paranormal romance that defies conventions. Dive into the thrilling journey of Sadie and her enigmatic roommates. Read online now and immerse yourself in this unique enemies-to-lovers adventure!”

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“Psycho Shifters: An Enemies-To-Lovers Romance” by Jasmine Mas is a thrilling paranormal romance novel set in a unique world where women rarely hold the position of alphas. The story revolves around Sadie, a determined young alpha who joins forces with three hulking and initially hostile male alphas to prepare for a war against the Fae Queen. Uniting these formidable warriors under one roof creates tension and sparks fly as they clash, setting the stage for a captivating tale.

About the Author:

Jasmine Mas, the talented author behind “Psycho Shifters,” crafts a mesmerizing blend of the paranormal and romance genres. With her imaginative storytelling, she takes readers on a journey into a world filled with shifters, intrigue, and passion.


  1. Sadie: A resilient young alpha, determined to prove herself in a world dominated by men.
  2. Jax, Ascher, and Cobra: Three formidable male alphas initially hostile to Sadie but with room for growth and development as the story unfolds.


In “Psycho Shifters: An Enemies-To-Lovers Romance” by Jasmine Mas, readers are transported to a world where gender roles and expectations are turned upside down. Sadie, a determined young alpha, is tired of living under the restrictions imposed on her by a society where women rarely hold positions of power. When the opportunity arises to join forces with three formidable male alphas in preparation for a battle against the Fae Queen, Sadie seizes it with both hands.

However, life with her three hulking roommates, Jax, Ascher, and Cobra, proves to be far from easy. They harbor hostility toward her, believing she doesn’t belong in their world, much less in the impending war. As tensions rise and sparks fly, their initial animosity sets the stage for an electrifying enemies-to-lovers romance.

Amidst the turmoil, Sadie is determined to prove her worth, drawing upon a well of strength she never knew she possessed. But she also carries the scars of a traumatic past, which only serve to fuel her determination. As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, and the true nature of each character is unveiled, leaving readers captivated by the possibilities that lie ahead.

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Jasmine Mas masterfully crafts a world where transformation, both physical and emotional, takes center stage. With its unique take on the paranormal romance genre, “Psycho Shifters” is a tale of resilience, power, and the unexpected bonds that can form when individuals challenge the status quo. The novel’s final scene leaves readers eagerly anticipating what’s next in the Cruel Shifterverse, promising more growth, development, and romance for these captivating characters.


“Psycho Shifters” presents an enticing story of Sadie, a young alpha woman, who defies societal norms by joining three male alphas to train for a battle against the Fae Queen. The tension between them is palpable, and as they clash, secrets unravel, paving the way for an enemies-to-lovers romance with a paranormal twist. The story explores themes of strength, resilience, and the power of transformation, both physically and emotionally.


Jasmine Mas delivers an exceptional paranormal romance in “Psycho Shifters.” The worldbuilding is captivating, offering a fresh take on the omegaverse genre. Sadie’s determination and resilience shine through as she navigates a world where women are rarely alphas. Her journey, fueled by a desire for freedom, is both inspiring and relatable.

The trio of male alphas, Jax, Ascher, and Cobra, initially appear as rude and intimidating figures. However, the author skillfully leaves room for their growth and development, leaving readers eager to discover how their characters evolve in future novels.

The final scene is a powerful moment that leaves readers hungry for more. Jasmine Mas weaves a tale filled with tension, passion, and the promise of transformation. “Psycho Shifters” is a must-read for fans of enemies-to-lovers romance with a paranormal twist, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the next installment of the Cruel Shifterverse.

Psycho Shifters Read Online & PDF Download

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