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Interested in Reading Punk 57 Read Online? Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas is worth investing time in. The novel has become quite famous because of its story and mysterious narration. If you are here, you certainly have heard about it. Right?

Do you want to read it, or are you here to know what the story is about? Well, for whichever reason you have visited this article, you have stopped at the right web page. Here, I’ll pen down the summary, and the process to “punk 57 read online.” So make sure you read it till the last – 

Punk 57 Read Online

What is punk 57 about?

It narrates a story about two school students – Misha and Ryen, who are paired together by their teachers in 5th grade. Their names fooled their teachers, so they were paired together. Actually, Ryen is a girl, and Misha is a male. They discover each other’s identity when they continue writing letters to each other. 

They live in nearby towns. They talk about everything happening in their lives and ultimately become best friends and a special person with whom they don’t have to show off.

Misha is a caring person who stands up for himself and is the lead singer of a band. Ryen is a beautiful and caring girl who shows her bitchy persona to the outer world. 

They share ideas about Misha’s band and many more things but argue a lot too. The only thing they both agree on is to keep their friendship in letters only. No texting, no social media account following, nothing, just letters. 

They liked this secrecy and continued this letter until they got admission to high school. 

But then, Misha’s band hosts a party at an abandoned warehouse and has a contest on social media. There, he meets Ryen and instantly learns that she is the girl he was writing letters to. But she doesn’t know that he is her pen-friend.

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He felt disappointed after finding out that she was one of the famous Queen Bees at her school and the exact person she had complained about in her letters. 

An unexpected tragedy happens; Misha disappears and stops writing back to Ryen. 

Three months later, Ryen is hurt because Misha all suddenly goes MIA. Unfortunately, she can’t even tell anyone about it because she doesn’t trust anyone. 

Then, Misha ends up taking admission to Ryen’s school and is determined to make her life a living hell. 

No more spoilers now; I have already given enough. Now, it’s your turn to read the novel yourself and discover what happens next. 

How to read Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas online? 

Reading it online isn’t complicated; you just need to purchase it. As of now, the free version isn’t available. 

  • Go to any platform from where you wish to purchase it. 
  • Pay the amount and start reading. 

Note – you can also compare the prices of the novel on different platforms before purchasing it. 

End Note

Punk 57 is about a mysterious love story of two friends. The reviews about the book are so positive, and some people even have read it more than once. So you can consider it worth investing your time in. If you are a love story novel fan, you may like it.

So get it online and read it. Also, as of now, you have to purchase it because it’s not available for free. So be ready to do that too.

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