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Welcome to our website! Explore the captivating world of “Raising a Bat” and read it online. Immerse yourself in the compelling story of Park Min Gyeom and Kim Chun Sam as they navigate their unique relationship. Join us for an unforgettable reading experience.

Raising a Bat Read Online
Raising a Bat Read Online


“Raising a Bat,” also known as “Bagjwi Sayug,” is a captivating manhwa that blends the genres of BL/Yaoi, Romance, Drama, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, and Comedy. The story revolves around Park Min Gyeom, a human suffering from hemochromatosis, a condition that causes him to produce excess blood. He discovers that his classmate, Kim Chun Sam, is a half-vampire who constantly needs blood to survive. This marks the beginning of an unusual symbiotic relationship between “predator” and “prey.”

About the Author

The manhwa “Raising a Bat” is written by the talented author, JADE, who masterfully weaves together various genres to create a unique and captivating storyline.


  1. Park Min Gyeom – A human with hemochromatosis who donates his excess blood to Kim Chun Sam.
  2. Kim Chun Sam – A half-vampire who relies on Park Min Gyeom’s blood to sustain himself.


“Raising a Bat,” also known as “Bagjwi Sayug,” is a compelling manhwa that tells the story of Park Min Gyeom, a young man who suffers from a rare medical condition called hemochromatosis. This condition causes his body to produce an excess amount of blood, requiring him to undergo regular blood donations to maintain his health.

One day, Min Gyeom discovers a shocking secret about his classmate, Kim Chun Sam. Chun Sam is revealed to be a half-vampire who constantly struggles with his insatiable hunger for blood. Faced with the dilemma of his own surplus blood and Chun Sam’s constant need for it, Min Gyeom makes a selfless decision. He offers to donate his blood to Chun Sam, creating an unusual symbiotic relationship between a human “predator” and a half-vampire “prey.”

As Min Gyeom and Chun Sam navigate this unique arrangement, they gradually develop a deep bond and mutual understanding. Their relationship evolves beyond mere blood donation, as they face various challenges together and discover the complexities of their own emotions. The story explores themes of friendship, selflessness, and the power of connection, all set against the backdrop of their supernatural circumstances.

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With a blend of romance, drama, comedy, and supernatural elements, “Raising a Bat” takes readers on an emotional journey filled with unexpected twists and heartfelt moments. As Min Gyeom and Chun Sam navigate their intertwined destinies, they must confront their own person⁹al demons and unravel the mysteries surrounding their shared existence.

“Raising a Bat” offers a unique take on the BL/Yaoi genre, delving into themes of identity, acceptance, and the meaning of true companionship. Through its captivating storytelling and distinctive artwork, the manhwa invites readers into a world where the boundaries between human and vampire become blurred, and unlikely alliances are formed.

Join Park Min Gyeom and Kim Chun Sam as they embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, love, and the pursuit of a shared destiny in “Raising a Bat.”


The story revolves around Park Min Gyeom and his struggle with hemochromatosis, a medical condition that leads to excess blood production. When he discovers that his classmate Kim Chun Sam is a half-vampire in constant need of blood, he selflessly decides to donate his blood to him. As their unique relationship deepens, they begin to develop feelings for each other.


“Raising a Bat” truly captivated me from the very beginning and kept me engaged throughout the entire manhwa. The combination of genres, including BL/Yaoi, Romance, Drama, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, and Comedy, creates a perfect blend of emotions and intrigue.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this manhwa is its exceptional art style and vivid colors, which are distinct to “Raising a Bat” alone. The character development is also praiseworthy, and the chemistry between Park Min Gyeom and Kim Chun Sam is heartwarming.

Even if you are not a fan of BL/Yaoi, I highly recommend “Raising a Bat.” The story goes beyond the usual tropes of the genre, offering an engaging and enjoyable experience for readers of various preferences.

“Raising a Bat” is a must-read for anyone seeking an engaging, heartwarming, and unique manhwa experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and believe it will resonate with a wide range of readers. So, if you haven’t already, give it a try and immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Raising a Bat.”

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