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Tower of God is a South Korean web manhwa by S.I.U. You can read tower of god online. It follows the story of Twenty-Fifth Bam, who enters the mysterious Tower to reunite with his friend Rachel.

The Tower is a massive structure that is completely enclosed and hosts many unique environments. It is permeated by an element called “Shinsu”, which has strange properties similar to magic in other comic universes.

Read Tower of God Online
Read Tower of God Online

About the author

S.I.U., whose real name is Lee Jong Hui, is the creator of Tower of God. He has been working on the manhwa since June 2010 and has published eleven volumes as of November 2022. Tower of God has received official English translations by Line Webtoon beginning in July 2014

Tower o God Main Characters

Twenty-Fifth Bam

The protagonist of the story who enters the Tower to find his friend Rachel. Bam possesses unique abilities that are connected to the Tower’s mysterious power called “Shinsu.”


Bam’s friend who enters the Tower before him and leaves him behind. Rachel is a complex character who has her own motivations and goals.

Khun Aguero Agnis

A skilled strategist who befriends Bam early on in the story. Khun comes from a powerful and wealthy family and has a knack for manipulating people and situations to his advantage.

Rak Wraithraiser

A large, reptilian creature who becomes Bam’s ally. Rak is strong, fierce, and often provides comic relief.


He is skilled swordsman who also befriends Bam. Hatsu is honorable and has a strong sense of justice.

Princess Yuri Zahard

A powerful and influential figure in the Tower who takes an interest in Bam. Yuri is part of the Zahard family, which is one of the most powerful and respected families in the Tower.


The legendary king of the Tower who has been absent for many years. Zahard is a key figure in the lore of the Tower and his legacy affects the story in significant ways.

Tower of God Read Online

Tower of God follows the journey of Twenty-Fifth Bam, a boy who has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower.

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His only companion is his close friend, Rachel, until she enters the Tower and leaves him behind. Determined to be reunited with Rachel, Bam manages to open the door into the Tower as well, and begins his climb to the top, facing many challenges along the way.

The Tower is a strange and dangerous place, full of unique environments and inhabited by many different intelligent species. Each floor is composed of an Outer Tower, an Inner Tower, and a Middle Area, and those who wish to ascend must pass increasingly difficult tests of strength, dexterity, and wit.

As Bam progresses up the Tower, he meets allies and enemies, uncovers mysteries and secrets, and discovers the true nature of the Tower and its inhabitants. The story is filled with action, dark fantasy elements, and complex characters with their own motivations and goals.

Tower of God Summary

Twenty-Fifth Bam enters the Tower to reunite with his friend Rachel. He faces challenges at each floor of the Tower as he tries to find her.

Along the way, he meets allies who help him climb the Tower. The story gradually explores the lore, history, and motivations of important characters and factions that drive or try to change the fate of the tower, for more than 10,000 years.


Tower of God is an excellent web manhwa that keeps you hooked from the very beginning. The world-building in this piece is exceptional, and the characters are thoroughly developed. The Tower is a unique setting that keeps the story fresh and interesting.

The artwork is also a standout feature, with each panel beautifully drawn and colored. The story is filled with twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Overall, Tower of God is a must-read for any fan of action and dark fantasy. You can read online Tower Of God or download Tower Of God pdf from our website also.

Tower of God Read Online & Complete PDF Download

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