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Are you interested in Solitaire Alice Oseman Read Online? Solitaire is a novel written by Alice Oseman, which was published on July 31, 2014 in the UK, by HarperCollins Children’s Books and published on January 3, 2023 in the US.

You can also read the novel online. In this post I will discuss the procedure of ” solitaire alice oseman read online “. I will also write summary, its synopsis and little about the author. Stay with me and enjoy reading the post.

Solitaire Alice Oseman Read Online
Solitaire Alice Oseman Read Online

Solitaire Alice Oseman Main Characters

First, Lets discuss about characters. It will help you to understand the novel story better

Tori Spring – She is the protagonist and narrator of Solitaire. She is also a main character in Heartstopper. She’s best friends of Becky Allen for most of Solitaire and has a friendship group which is called Our Lot.

Michael Holden – His full name is Michael Alexander Holden and he is one of the main characters of Solitaire. He has optimistic and wacky personality. He is an ordinary-looking boy, he wears a pair of thick-framed glasses. Sometimes Michael can also get very angry at himself and the world. Tori views about her are as ‘not ugly but not hot’ and ‘miscellaneous’.

Charlie Spring – His complete name is Charles “Charlie” Francis Spring. He is a a supporting character in Solitaire. He is the younger brother of Tori Spring, the boyfriend of Nick Nelson, and is best friends with Elle Argent. Charlie has 5’11” height, and has a slim, lanky build. He is high-strung and overthink things. His personality is sensitive, and has a tendency to apologize a lot, something his boyfriend takes notice of instantly.

Nick Nelson – His complete name is Nicholas “Nick” Luke Nelson is a main character in Solitaire. He is the boyfriend of Charlie Spring, and is best friends with Elle Argent.  Nick is extremely tall and strong for his age, standing at 6’1″, and having a bulky, husky build. Nick is now extremely kind, sweet, patient, goofy, and open-minded to everyone.

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Becky Allen – Her complete name is Rebecca “Becky” Rose Allen is a main character in Solitaire, as well as one of the protagonists in the Party Girls. According to Tori Spring, she is attractive. They were very close friends for a long time until their falling out in Solitaire novel.

Lucas Ryan – Lucas Ryan appears as Tori Spring’s old friend in Solitaire. Lucas is quiet and awkward, which makes Tori annoys. He has very little social skills. He has 5’11” (180 cm) height and blue hairs.

What is Solitaire Alice Oseman Novel About

Solitaire Alice Oseman is about Tori Spring, a Year 12 student. She is protagonist and narrator of Solitaire who doesn’t really have any close friends. Tori tends to keep to herself, spending most of her time reading blogs and performing below her potential in coursework. For someone so unfriended Tori has good no of people in her friendship group which called Our Lot.

Her so called best friend, Becky, is interested in the boy du jour and mostly interested in pushing Tori to be more extrovert. Her old best friend, Lucas, suddenly reappears after many years of absence.

Toris new best friend whose name is Michael Holden has similar personality somewhat of a social outcast by choice, and their tumultuous interactions form the backbone of Tori’s character development.

how many chapters are in solitaire alice oseman?

It has two parts.
Part 1 consists of 27 chapters. Part 2 consists of 16 chapters.
So in total 43 chapters + a small epilogue.

where to read solitaire alice oseman?

We have included PDF version of the file. Click on start button to start download

Solitaire Alice Oseman PDF Download

The novel is available at official website for buying.

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