Solo Leveling Read Online 2023!

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Solo leveling is an action and fantasy webtoon written by Chugong. The story of this webtoon has attracted millions of people all over the world. Are you interested in it too? If yes, read further as I’ll explain “how to read solo leveling online?” Let’s begin – 

Solo Leveling Read Online 

Solo leveling read online 

Reading the webtoon online is easy – 

  • Search for “solo leveling read online” on a search engine. 
  • There are many websites that offer it for free; visit any of those and start reading. 

That’s all. 

But if you’ve doubts about whether you should read it, you can review its summary. Here it is – 

Summary of Solo leveling

The whole story revolves around a hunter, the weakest one in the world. He puts his life at risk to support his family. One day, he goes into a dungeon with fellow hunters. They get stuck in a life-and-death situation. Some betray others and get out of that, whereas Jinwoo, his friend, and one experienced hunter are left there. 

To save their life, he asks them to run and save themselves. After that, he is left alone, thinking about the moments he spent with his family. He dies just after that. 

But the story doesn’t end here. He is revived by something and gets the capability to power up without any limit. 

After getting out of there, he works hard to power up and becomes the strongest hunter in the world. All other hunters can feel his energy whenever he goes into the room. Everyone is frightened of him. 

The story ends like this, but many people aren’t satisfied with the ending. That’s why creators have the idea of creating a side story and have already released three chapters of it.

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Characters in the story

The following is the character and their role explanation – 

Sung Jinwoo – the main character

He is originally a weak hunter but then gets a chance to participate in the System program. In the dungeon, he gets the power to grow without limit. After that, he becomes the most excellent hunter. He plays a significant role in the war between rulers and monarchs. 

Yoo Jinho 

Jinwoo’s best friend and a d-rank hunter. He belongs to a wealthy family and becomes the vice chairman of Jinwoo’s guild. 

He shares a brother-like feeling with the main character. During the whole story, he dresses up in expensive armour. 

Sung Jinah 

She is Jinwoo’s sister and a student. 

Park Kyung Hye

She is Jinwoo’s mother and becomes ill with an incurable sleeping disorder. Her illness forced Jinwoo to become the bread earner for the family. 

Although, Jinwoo finds a cure for her illness and treats her with a rare potion he made while training with the System. 

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Lee Joohee 

A B-rank hunter who is an expert in healing magic. She is Jinwoo’s old friend. She retires from her position after failing to cope with the mental trauma caused due to the dungeon incident. 

Cha Hae-in 

The only s-rank female hunter and a pro in swordsmanship. She suffers from a condition that makes her smell foul to fellow hunters. She falls in love with Jinwoo, and he is the only hunter who smells good to her. 

Sung II-Hwan 

An s-rank hunter and jinwoo’s father. He disappeared ten years before the main storyline began. Although a decade later, he returns to the world to help his son in the war against the monarchs. 

But he dies after exerting far more power than his ability during the war. 

Go gunhee

An s-rank hunter and the chairman of the Korean Hunters association. He suffered from various health issues preventing him from properly using his powers. He gets killed by Monarchs. 

Thomas Andre

A national-level hunter who ranks first in the world. He is one of the Ruler’s vessels and is also known as Goliath. He has immense superhuman power. When Jinwhoo defeats him in the fight, he befriends him. 

Liu Zhigang

One of the five national-level hunters, a Ruler’s vessel and is the strongest hunter in the Asian continent. 

Christopher Reed

A ruler’s vessel who ranks 3rd in the world and was killed by Monarchs. 

 Siddharth Bachchan 

Strongest hunter in India and ranks 4th in the world. He is the hunter who never makes a physical appearance in the story. 

Goto Ryuji

A strong egoistic hunter from Japan. His pride over himself gets him killed in just one hit by Ant King. 

Hwang Donfsoo

S-rank hunter who lives in America. He tries to kill Jinwoo after learning that Jinwoo is responsible for his brother’s death. But he gets killed by the latter after abducting Jinho. 

Lennart Nierman 

Germany’s strongest hunter who has a strong sense of responsibility towards the cause. 


Most vigorous Ruler who is the king of the dead and the Monarch of Shadows. He chooses Jinwoo because he sees him as the hope of ending the bloodshed. When the latter gets killed, he appears to save him and transfers his powers to jinwoo. Not only this, he permits Jinwoo to take his place as the Shadow Monarch before going to never-ending sleep. 

Final words 

Reading the webtoon online is simple; even some websites provide it for free. You just need to follow the steps mentioned above, and that’s all. 

I hope the above-mentioned information has helped you to decide whether you should read it or not and helped you find a platform that lets the audience read it online. 

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