The Angel Next Door Light Novel Read Online & PDF Download

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Hello friends are you interested in the angel next door light novel read online, no worries, you are landing at right place. I have collected all the 5 volumes of the angel next door novel and they are available for downloading and reading online.

This is anime novel and written by Saekisan. The novel has 5 volumes. The latest volume 5th was released on Feb 21, 2023.

The Angel Next Door Light Novel Read Online
The Angel Next Door Light Novel Read Online

It is is a slow-burn romance series between Mahiru Shiina and Amane Fujimiya. While first written in web novel format

The Angel Next Door Light Novel Synopsis

Mahiru, a beautiful girl who is famous by name “angel”. All of her classmates call her by this name She is not only beautiful, but a star athlete with perfect grades. She never compromises on studies

Amane, a regular guy who considers himself messy, never paid much attention to the concept of divine beauty, even though he attended the same school as Mahiru. However, everything changes when he comes across Mahiru sitting alone in a park during a rainstorm. This marks the beginning of a peculiar relationship between the two, who seem highly unlikely to be together.

Main Characters

Amane Fujimiya: is male protagonist of The Angel Next Door Light Novel. He lives next-door to beautiful girl Mahiru Shiina and attends the same high school as of her

Mahiru Shiina: is the female protagonist of The Angel Next Door Light Novel. She lives next-door to self-admitted slob Amane Fujimiya and attends the same high school. Her blond hair is always straight, well-groomed, flaxen, silky smooth, and lustrous. Her large eyes are caramel colored, with long lashes, both top, and bottom She is innocent, cute, kind, and loving person.

Itsuki Akazawa: is a supporting character of novel best friend of Amane Fujimiya and the boyfriend of Chitose Shirakawa.

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Chitose Shirakawa: is a supporting character and girlfriend of Itsuki Akazawa. She is very active and light-headed person, Chitose is extremely honest with her words.

Yuuta Kadowaki: is a supporting character. He is handsome, smart, and kind with great grades, alot of girls like him. He is popular by nick name prince.

Latest Volume Chapters List

  • Chapter 1: An Important Promise with the Angel
  • Chapter 2: A Strong Determination to Cherish
  • Chapter 3: First Steps Towards the Goal!
  • Chapter 4: New Interactions
  • Chapter 5: Lunch for Three
  • Chapter 6: Pressure from a Friend
  • Chapter 7: His First Part-Time Job
  • Chapter 8: A Senpai’s Secret Worry
  • Chapter 9: The Angel’s Secret ‘Business’
  • Chapter 10: And so, ‘X’ Day Arrived for the Angel

After the cultural festival has passed, life returns to normal for Amane and Mahiru. Amane expresses his feelings for Mahiru once again, and they make a promise for the future. Wanting to demonstrate his love, Amane takes up a new and unfamiliar part-time job with the intention of giving Mahiru a gift.

Meanwhile, Mahiru also wants to show her love for Amane. She waits for his return and secretly carries out her plans, even though she feels a bit lonely.

How to read online The Angel Next Door Light Novel

To read “The Angel Next Door” light novel online, you can search for it on websites that offer light novels. You can also try searching for it on online bookstores such as Amazon Once you find the novel, you can either read it directly on the website or purchase the e-book version to read on your device.

The Angel Next Door Light Novel PDF Download ( All Volumes )

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