The Book That Saved The Earth PDF Read Online & Download

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The Book That Saved The Earth PDF is available to download. This book is written by Claire Boiko, it is a fictionalcomedic drama about a nursery book called “Mother Goose.  Aurthor tells the tale of a group of aliens who arrive on Earth in search of a book that can save their planet from destruction.

The book is about an imaginary world. CBSE Class 10 students requires a solid understanding of the summary, explanation, and question answers. All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the lesson have been covered.

The Book That Saved The Earth PDF Read Online

Introduction to The Book That Saved The Earth

The plot of “The Book that Saved the Earth” centers around a book of nursery rhymes called “Mother Goose,” which is depicted as the book responsible for saving the earth from an alien invasion.

A historian begins the story and tell the audience about an attack that Martians had planned. One day, a crew of Martians lands in a library on earth. To find out the meaning of the contents of book which they mistook as a sandwich a crew of their lands in a library on earth

Lesson and Theme

The main idea of the play “The Book that Saved the Earth” is that incomplete information is always dangerous.

The book also tells how a book of nursery rhymes called “Mother Goose” saved the world from being attacked by Martians.

Main Characters


The Book that Saved the Earth Summary

In this book, a historian sits and explains the truth about the Martian invasion that happened in twentieth century while the show is a stage show of twenty fifth century.

As she wanted to prove her statements, she invited audience to see through the historiscope a device that has the ability to display events that occurred in the past. There are two characters in the next seen, one is having balloon brain and his name is think tank, another is called noodles and both of them are making a plan of invading earth. To complete their mission of invasion master think tank sends one of his crew to inspect earth.

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And here is funny part,

As the crew was from unknown place they looked confuse as they know nothing about the items (books) of the library, they consulted back to their master think tank.

They thought that their master is an intelligent but, when they showed item to him, he said, this is sandwich and people of earth eat it. After that, he commanded his crew to eat it, when they had a bite of the Book, it was very tasteless.

His another partner, whose name was noodle, assisted him an said that these things are not sandwiches, they are communication devices. He put his ear on book and begin speaking lol. but they get nothing to hear from them. Once again Noodle corrects his master Think Tank that they are to be read and not hear.

The Book That Saved The Earth Question Answers.

The below questions answers are taken from the book.

1. Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the Book’?

Ans: The Era of the Book was a term used to describe the twentieth century. There were books about everything back then, from anteaters to Zulus. People learned how to when to, where to, and why to use books. They drew, educated, punctuated, and even embellished.

2. Who tried to invade the earth in the twenty-first century?

Ans: In the twenty-first century, Martians attempted to attack the Earth.

3. What guesses are made by Think-Tank about the books found on earth?

Ans: Think-Tank hypothesizes that the books discovered on Earth are sandwiches for communication, but then claims that they are for eye communication.

The Book That Saved The Earth PDF

The Book that Saved the Earth PDF read online is available. We have collected the book from online sources. Enjoy reading the book.

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