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Discover ‘The Catch‘ by Amy Lea in PDF format on our website. Dive into this heartwarming romantic comedy as Melanie’s fashion world collides with a Canadian fishing village. Get your ‘The Catch Amy Lea PDF’ for a charming, laughter-filled read.


Amy Lea’s ‘The Catch’ is a delightful romantic comedy that takes you on a journey from the bustling world of Boston fashion to the tranquil shores of a Canadian fishing village.

About the Author

“Amy Lea, an international bestselling author, once again showcases her talent for crafting heartwarming and humorous tales in ‘The Catch.’ With a knack for creating engaging characters and captivating stories, she keeps readers hooked from start to finish.”


  • Melanie Karlsen: A fashion influencer determined to rescue her brand.
  • Evan Whaler: A grumpy lobster fisherman with a beard and a heart of gold.
  • Evan’s Family: Quirky and welcoming, embroiled in a B&B feud.


In ‘The Catch’ by Amy Lea, the bustling world of Boston fashion collides with the tranquil shores of a Canadian fishing village, resulting in a romantic comedy filled with unexpected twists and genuine charm.

Melanie Karlsen, a determined fashion influencer, faces a crisis when her brand teeters on the brink of irrelevance. In a daring move to rescue her image, she embarks on a journey to a rural fishing village on Canada’s east coast. Little does she know that her adventure will be guided by Evan Whaler, a grumpy lobster fisherman who shatters the stereotype of Canadians being overly polite.

A boating accident leaves Evan unconscious in the hospital, and Mel is mistaken for his fiancée by his welcoming yet eccentric family. This quirky family is caught up in a long-standing feud over their beloved bed-and-breakfast. In a bold attempt to mend fences and save her own reputation, Mel agrees to pretend to be engaged to Evan for one week. In return, Evan will assist her in creating content for her struggling social media accounts.

Amidst the backdrop of long hikes, campfire chats, and the stunning Canadian wilderness, Mel and Evan find themselves wrestling with emotions they never expected. As the days pass, their fake engagement begins to feel surprisingly real. But Mel must ask herself whether she’s willing to sacrifice her carefully curated city life for a chance at a raw and unfiltered love in the wild.

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‘The Catch’ is a heartwarming and humorous tale that explores the themes of authenticity, family, and the power of love in unexpected places. Amy Lea’s storytelling prowess shines as she crafts a unique and captivating romantic comedy that keeps readers hooked until the very end.


“In ‘The Catch,’ Melanie Karlsen’s quest to revive her fading fashion brand takes an unexpected turn when she lands in a charming Canadian fishing village. Mistaken for the fiancée of the burly and bearded Evan Whaler, Mel agrees to fake their engagement in exchange for his help with her social media content. As they navigate the picturesque wilderness and confront their feelings, this romantic comedy offers a refreshing take on love in unexpected places.”


Amy Lea’s ‘The Catch’ is a heartwarming and engaging romantic comedy that effortlessly blends humor, romance, and a touch of the wild. The story’s unique premise of a fashion influencer finding love in a rural fishing village adds a delightful twist to the genre. The characters, especially Mel and Evan, are endearing and relatable, making it easy to root for their budding romance.

What sets ‘The Catch’ apart is Amy Lea’s ability to create a vivid sense of place. The picturesque Canadian backdrop and the quirky Whaler family add depth and charm to the story. The dynamic between Mel and Evan is a perfect balance of sizzling chemistry and humorous banter.

As the fake engagement unfolds, you’ll find yourself eagerly turning pages, wondering if Mel and Evan’s romance will evolve from a mere charade into something real and unfiltered. The story explores themes of authenticity and the value of genuine connections in a world dominated by social media.

‘The Catch’ is a feel-good read that reminds us that love can be found in the most unexpected places. Amy Lea’s storytelling prowess shines once again, making this book a must-read for fans of romantic comedies.

The Catch PDF Download & Read Online

The pdf is expected to be release on February 13, 2024

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