The Fraud PDF by Zadie Smith Download or Read Online

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Explore “The Fraud” by Zadie Smith in PDF format on our website. Read our insightful review of this captivating historical novel that delves into truth and deception in Victorian England. Discover a literary masterpiece today.

The Fraud Zadie Smith PDF or Read Online


“The Fraud” is a captivating historical fiction novel by acclaimed author Zadie Smith. Set against the backdrop of the “Tichborne Trial,” a real-life legal case that gripped Victorian England, this book explores themes of truth, fiction, identity, and deception. It delves into the complexities of storytelling and belief.About the Author:

Zadie Smith is a renowned novelist known for her insightful and thought-provoking works. With “The Fraud,” she takes readers on a journey into Victorian England, demonstrating her versatility as a writer by venturing into historical fiction.


Mrs. Eliza Touchet: A Scottish housekeeper with a keen interest in literature, justice, abolitionism, and class. She is both skeptical and curious about the world around her.

Andrew Bogle: A former slave from Jamaica who understands the human cost behind luxury goods. He is astute, perceptive, and becomes a crucial witness in a celebrated imposture case.


In “The Fraud” by Zadie Smith, readers are transported to 1873 Victorian England, where a gripping legal drama unfolds. At the center of the narrative is the “Tichborne Trial,” a real historical event that captivates the nation. Sir Roger Tichborne, a lower-class butcher from Australia, claims to be the rightful heir to a substantial estate and title, setting the stage for a legal battle that will test the boundaries of truth and deception.

Mrs. Eliza Touchet, a Scottish housekeeper with a multifaceted personality, becomes a central character in this tale. She possesses a deep interest in literature, justice, abolitionism, and class, which make her both curious and skeptical about the world she inhabits. Mrs. Touchet’s perspective serves as a lens through which we view the layers of Victorian society and its many facades.

On the other side of the narrative is Andrew Bogle, a man who grew up enslaved on the Hope Plantation in Jamaica. He understands the human cost behind the luxuries enjoyed by the rich, and his journey takes him to London, where he becomes a star witness in the Tichborne Trial. Bogle’s keen perception and understanding of manipulation become vital in a world filled with deceit.

Zadie Smith expertly weaves together the stories of Mrs. Touchet and Andrew Bogle, offering contrasting viewpoints on the trial and the society in which they live. As the trial unfolds, the characters grapple with the complexities of truth and fiction, leaving readers questioning their own beliefs.

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“The Fraud” is a historical novel that transcends its time period, exploring themes of justice, class, and the enduring impact of slavery. Zadie Smith’s narrative prowess and attention to historical detail create a vivid and immersive reading experience. This thought-provoking novel challenges readers to navigate the intricate web of deception in a world where reality is often elusive, making it a compelling and memorable literary journey.


Set in 1873, “The Fraud” revolves around the Tichborne Trial, where a lower-class Australian butcher claims to be the rightful heir of an estate and title. The story follows Mrs. Eliza Touchet, a woman of many interests, and Andrew Bogle, a witness in the trial. It explores their perspectives on truth, deception, and the complexities of reality in a hypocritical world.


Zadie Smith’s “The Fraud” is a literary masterpiece that transports readers to the heart of Victorian England. Through intricate storytelling and vivid character development, Smith delves into the blurred lines between truth and fiction, and the intricacies of identity and deceit.

The characters of Mrs. Eliza Touchet and Andrew Bogle are brilliantly crafted, each offering a unique lens through which we view the world of facades and self-deception that was Victorian England. Smith’s narrative prowess shines as she unravels the Tichborne Trial, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

The book’s exploration of themes like justice, class, and the impact of slavery on human lives adds depth and relevance to the narrative. As we follow the trial’s twists and turns, we’re forced to question our own beliefs about what’s real and what’s fabricated.

Zadie Smith’s transition into historical fiction is seamless, and her ability to capture the essence of the era is commendable. “The Fraud” is a captivating, thought-provoking read that leaves you pondering the nature of truth long after you’ve turned the final page. In the hands of a writer at the peak of her powers, Zadie Smith, this novel is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a richly woven tapestry of history, fiction, and human complexity.

The Fraud PDF by Zadie Smith Download or Read Online

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