The Kite Runner PDF Download & Read Online

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“The Kite Runner pdf” by Khaled Hosseini is a powerful and poignant novel that tells a deeply moving story of friendship, betrayal, and redemption.

The novel is set against the backdrop of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the rise of the Taliban regime, and it explores the themes of guilt, forgiveness, and the complex relationships between fathers and sons. Here are some of the key aspects of the novel that make it such a compelling read.

The Kite Runner PDF Download & Read Online
The Kite Runner PDF Download & Read Online

About the author

Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan-American novelist and physician who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1965. Hosseini’s first novel, “The Kite Runner”, was published in 2003 and became an international bestseller. The novel has been translated into over 40 languages and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

The Plot

The story is narrated by Amir, a young boy from Kabul who grows up with a deep love for his childhood friend, Hassan, the son of his father’s servant.

However, the two boys come from very different backgrounds, and their friendship is tested when Amir fails to stand up for Hassan in a critical moment. This act of betrayal haunts Amir for years, and the novel follows his journey to seek redemption and make amends for his past mistakes.

The Characters

The narrator and protagonist of the story, Amir is a sensitive and intelligent boy who grows up in Kabul. He struggles with feelings of guilt and shame after betraying his friend Hassan, and spends much of the novel seeking redemption and trying to make amends.

Amir’s best friend and the son of his father’s servant, Hassan is a loyal and selfless character who embodies goodness and innocence. He is physically and emotionally scarred after being sexually assaulted by a group of bullies, and his relationship with Amir becomes strained as a result.

Amir’s father, Baba is a wealthy and powerful man who has a strong sense of honor and pride. He is distant and aloof with Amir, and struggles with his own demons and secrets throughout the novel.

Hassan’s father and Baba’s servant, Ali is a kind and gentle man who is physically handicapped. He is devoted to Hassan and is a symbol of the class and social divide that exists in Afghan society.

A violent and sadistic bully, Assef is one of Amir’s chief tormentors. He idolizes Adolf Hitler and subscribes to a twisted ideology of racial superiority.

The son of Hassan, Sohrab is a young boy who becomes a key figure in the novel’s climax. He is deeply traumatized by the violence and brutality he has witnessed, and forms a bond with Amir as they navigate the dangerous and uncertain world of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Rahim Khan
A family friend of Amir’s, Rahim Khan is a wise and compassionate man who serves as a mentor to Amir. He knows about Amir’s past mistakes and encourages him to seek redemption and make things right.

The Setting

The novel takes place in Afghanistan, a country that has undergone significant political upheaval and turmoil over the past few decades. Hosseini skillfully portrays the country’s vibrant culture, as well as the devastation and tragedy wrought by war and political oppression.

The Kite Runner PDF and Chapter Summaries

For those who prefer digital formats, “The Kite Runner” is widely available in PDF format.

Chapter 1: The novel opens with Amir’s recollections of his childhood in Kabul, Afghanistan. He introduces his best friend Hassan and their love for kite-fighting.

Chapter 2: Amir reveals more about his family and their relationship with Hassan’s family. He also introduces Baba’s friend Rahim Khan, who is a positive influence in Amir’s life.

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Chapter 3: Amir participates in a kite-fighting tournament with Hassan, and they emerge victorious. However, the victory is bittersweet as Hassan is sexually assaulted by bullies while retrieving the losing kite.

Chapter 4: Amir is racked with guilt and shame over his inaction during Hassan’s assault. He begins to distance himself from Hassan and lashes out at him.

Chapter 5: Amir’s relationship with Baba is strained, as he feels that he cannot live up to his father’s expectations. Baba is also keeping a secret from Amir that will have major implications later in the novel.

Chapter 6: Amir and Baba flee Afghanistan and settle in California. Amir struggles to adjust to his new life, and their relationship continues to be strained.

Chapter 7: Amir meets a girl named Soraya and falls in love with her. However, her father disapproves of Amir and demands that he ask for permission to marry her.

Chapter 8: Rahim Khan summons Amir to Pakistan and reveals that Hassan is actually his half-brother. He asks Amir to come back to Afghanistan and find Hassan’s son Sohrab, who has been taken by the Taliban.

Chapter 9: Amir travels back to Afghanistan and is horrified by the destruction and chaos he finds there. He also discovers that Hassan and his wife have been murdered.

Chapter 10: Amir meets with an old enemy, Assef, who is now a high-ranking member of the Taliban. Assef offers to return Sohrab to Amir, but demands that he fight him in exchange.

Chapter 11: Amir and Sohrab manage to escape Assef’s clutches and flee to Pakistan. However, Sohrab is traumatized and refuses to speak or interact with others.

Chapter 12: Amir and Sohrab return to California, where they are reunited with Soraya. Amir tries to get Sohrab to open up and share his pain, but it is a slow and difficult process.

Chapter 13: Amir takes Sohrab to a park and flies a kite with him, just like he used to do with Hassan. Sohrab finally opens up and smiles for the first time in the novel.

Chapter 14: Amir and Soraya adopt Sohrab, and he begins to slowly adjust to his new life. However, the novel ends on a bittersweet note, as Amir reflects on the many lives that have been destroyed by the wars and conflicts in Afghanistan.

The chapters in “The Kite Runner” are expertly crafted to create a compelling and emotionally resonant story. The novel’s themes of guilt, redemption, and the complex relationships between fathers and sons are explored in depth, and the characters are richly developed and multi-dimensional. The novel is a powerful exploration of the human experience and the toll that war and conflict can take on individuals and families.

Why is The Kite Runner Banned?

Unfortunately, “The Kite Runner” has been banned in some schools and libraries due to its graphic depiction of violence and sexual assault. While these are certainly difficult topics to grapple with, they are integral to the story’s themes and are handled with sensitivity and nuance.

Who is Kamal in The Kite Runner?

Kamal is a minor character in the novel who is a friend of Assef, the bully who torments Amir and Hassan. Kamal is portrayed as a weak and easily manipulated character who is ultimately a victim of Assef’s cruelty.


“The Kite Runner” is a beautifully written and emotionally resonant novel that explores important themes and issues with depth and nuance.

It is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Afghan culture and history, as well as the complexities of human relationships.

The Kite Runner PDF Download

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