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Welcome to our website! Discover and download “The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn PDF—a captivating werewolf romance by LaurG. Immerse yourself in a world of love, loyalty, and sacrifice as you explore this intense and well-written tale of unexpected connections and heartwarming emotions.


“The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” by LaurG is a captivating werewolf romance novel that tells the story of Atticus Fawn, who discovers he has to marry Autumn, the best friend of his mate Anya. Despite his initial resistance, Atticus realizes that he can never love another woman like he loves Anya, but he is unprepared for Autumn’s gentle and caring nature.

About the Author

LaurG is the talented author behind “The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn.” Known for her ability to craft compelling romance stories, LaurG brings readers into a world of werewolves and emotions, creating a story that keeps readers engaged from beginning to end.


  1. Atticus Fawn The protagonist of the story, Atticus is a loyal and handsome werewolf who initially resists the idea of marrying Autumn. He’s torn between his deep love for Anya and his growing feelings for Autumn.
  2. Autumn Rivera Autumn is kind-hearted, and beautiful, and has secretly loved Atticus for years. Her caring nature begins to break down Atticus’s defenses as she forces her way into his life.
  3. Anya Anya is Autumn’s best friend, described as beautiful, seductive, selfish, and insecure. She is also the mate of Atticus, adding complexity to the relationships in the story.


In “The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” by LaurG, readers are introduced to a captivating world of werewolf romance. The story follows Atticus Fawn, a loyal and handsome werewolf who finds himself in a complicated predicament. Discovering that he is bound to marry Autumn Rivera, the best friend of his true mate, Anya, Atticus’s heart is torn between his loyalty to Anya and the unexpected emotions that Autumn awakens in him.

Atticus’s initial resistance to the idea of marrying Autumn is rooted in his deep love for Anya. He is determined to honor his mate’s memory and maintain his loyalty to her. However, Autumn’s kind-hearted nature and genuine care for Atticus begin to break down his defenses. As she forces her way into his life, Atticus finds himself drawn to her in ways he never anticipated.

The novel delves into the complexities of the relationships between Atticus, Autumn, and Anya. While Atticus battles his own conflicting emotions, Autumn grapples with her own unrequited love for him. The story unfolds with twists and turns, as the characters navigate the challenges of their emotions, loyalties, and desires.

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As Atticus and Autumn’s relationship evolves, readers are taken on a journey of self-discovery, heartache, and unexpected connections. The slow-burn romance between the two characters adds depth and intensity to the story, allowing readers to savor every moment of their burgeoning feelings.

Set against a backdrop of a werewolf world, “The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” explores themes of love, loyalty, sacrifice, and the unpredictable nature of the heart. With its well-developed characters, engaging plot, and skillful storytelling, the novel offers a captivating reading experience that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages to uncover the ultimate fate of Atticus, Autumn, and the intricate dynamics of their relationships.


“The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” revolves around Atticus Fawn, a werewolf who is reluctant to marry Autumn, the best friend of his mate, Anya. Despite his strong feelings for Anya, Atticus is taken aback by Autumn’s kindness and slowly finds himself drawn to her. The story explores the tension between his loyalty to Anya and his growing connection with Autumn, leading to a captivating slow-burn romance.


“The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” by LaurG is a mesmerizing werewolf romance that captures the hearts of readers from the very beginning. With an intense and well-written plot, the story keeps readers engaged and invested in the characters’ emotions and relationships. LaurG’s storytelling prowess shines as she brings to life the internal struggles of Atticus and the evolving dynamics between the characters.

One of the standout elements of the novel is its slow-burn approach to the romance between Atticus and Autumn. This deliberate pacing adds depth to their relationship, allowing readers to savor every moment of their journey. The novel also weaves in familiar elements of werewolf romance while maintaining a fresh and unique storyline.

LaurG’s character development is commendable, making each character come alive with their distinct personalities and motivations. From Atticus’s internal conflicts to Autumn’s resilience, readers will find themselves emotionally invested in their stories. Additionally, the well-crafted scenes, such as the engagement kiss and confrontations, vividly transport readers into the characters’ world.

In conclusion, “The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn” is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance. With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and a slow-burning romance, the novel offers an unforgettable reading experience that will leave readers eager for more. LaurG’s skillful storytelling and engaging narrative make this novel a captivating addition to the world of werewolf romance literature.

The Unwanted Bride of Atticus Fawn PDF Download & Read Online

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