The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf Read Online

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The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf: There are many people who just love to read romantic novels. But they don’t know which one to read because hundreds of novels are available, and choosing the best one among them is tough work. So whenever they hear about any novel, they wish to try it out.

Are you doing the same? If yes, keep reading as this article will review “the wrong bride” novel and explain the process of downloading The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf. Let’s start – 

The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf Read Online
The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf Read Online

Main Characters in The Wrong Bride 

Knowing about the characters will help you understand the story. So let’s start from here – 

Aries – he is Hannah’s fiance. Initially, his marriage was fixed with someone else, but then he saw Hannah and fell for her. Then he was in a relationship with her for five years, but their story didn’t end well. He ended up marrying his old friend and Hannah’s sister. 

Raven – she is Hannah’s younger sister and a supermodel. She runs her business, but her mother and sister leave no chance to criticize her. She is deeply in love with Ares, but he has been engaged with her elder sister. She had no idea whether she could move on. So she decided to get involved in fashion design. 

Hannah – she is a top actor who cares only about her career. She is her mother’s favorite, and they try to make Raven feel the worst together. 

Sierra – Raven’s best friend who has many hot billionaire brothers. 

The story revolves around these three characters. 

Description of the Novel

Raven had no choice except to take her sister’s place and marry Ares Windsor. He is the man she loved her whole life, but he only cared about her sister. 

At the end of the story, she ends up marrying the love of her life and is devoted to winning him. 

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The story starts with Raven, a gorgeous top model and a part of the Windsor family because of Sierra (her best friend). 

For five years, Ares and Hannah have been in a relationship, and they push off their wedding three times because Hannah is a top actor. She never told the public about her relationship with Aries. When they decided to marry the fourth time, she went to Ares and told him to push off the wedding again because doing films was more important to her.

But Grandma Winsor is tired of her shit, so she is like, the wedding will take place even if you don’t come. They all expected Hannah to come on the wedding day, but they were all mistaken. She doesn’t come, and then Raven and Ares have to get married. 

The rest of the novel discusses friendship, arranged marriage, and family. 

I can’t tell you about the whole story as it will spoil your fun. So read this by yourself (you can get it for free). I’ll tell you how – 

How To Get The Wrong Bride by Catharina Maura pdf? 

Follow these steps – 

  • Go to any search engine > Type “The Wrong Bride Catharina Maura Pdf“.
  • Go to whichever website you wish to get it from (there are many) > download it. 
  • That’s all. 

Summing Up…

The reviews about The Wrong Bride by Catharina Maura are upbeat; people love the story. It is one of the bestselling books.

If you find the summary interesting, you can easily get it for free. Besides, audiobooks of the same are also available, so if you are not fond of reading, you can listen to the audiobook. All the best..! 

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