Tim Drake Robin Read Online or PDF Download

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Explore the thrilling adventures of Tim Drake: Robin in our online platform. Read the latest issues and catch up on the ongoing series. Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of the world’s favorite Robin today.

Tim Drake Robin Read Online or PDF Download
Tim Drake Robin Read Online or PDF Download


Tim Drake: Robin is a captivating ongoing comic book series published by DC Comics. Written by Meghan Fitzmartin and featuring artwork by various talented artists, this action-packed adventure delves into the life of Tim Drake, one of the most beloved characters in the DC Universe.

About the Author

Meghan Fitzmartin, the talented writer behind Tim Drake: Robin, brings her creative prowess to the forefront in this series. Known for her engaging storytelling and ability to craft compelling characters, Fitzmartin takes readers on an exhilarating journey through Tim Drake’s world.


  1. Tim Drake (Robin): The charismatic and skilled superhero who takes center stage in this series. Tim faces a new and relentless villain who threatens everything he holds dear.
  2. Bernard: A key figure in Tim’s life, whose safety is put at risk by the villain’s actions.
  3. Various Artists: A team of talented artists, including the beloved Harley Quinn artist Riley Rossmo, bring Tim’s character to life and showcase his iconic looks from different periods.


In Tim Drake: Robin, a long-awaited mystery unfolds as Tim’s arch-nemesis closes in on him, endangering the lives of his loved ones. Alongside this gripping storyline, Tim also establishes his own territory in Gotham City, creating a unique space for himself. With the combined efforts of Meghan Fitzmartin’s writing and the artistic talents of Riley Rossmo and others, this series promises to redefine Tim’s life and pave the way for his future.


Tim Drake: Robin follows the story of Tim Drake, a beloved character in the DC Universe, as he takes on a new adventure in his own comic book series. After being away for some time, Tim returns to the forefront as the world’s oldest and canonically tallest Robin.

In this ongoing series, a long-awaited mystery unravels, involving a new and relentless villain who has been hounding Tim from afar. As the threat escalates, Tim’s loved ones, including his friend Bernard, are put in peril. Tim must confront this villain head-on, risking everything to protect those he cares about.

Amidst the danger and high-stakes action, Tim also carves out a unique corner of Gotham City for himself. He sets up shop in his very own “murder shack boat,” establishing his presence and asserting his independence as a hero.

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Written by Meghan Fitzmartin, who is known for her engaging storytelling, and featuring artwork by various talented artists, Tim Drake: Robin dives deep into Tim’s character. It explores his growth, relationships, and the challenges he faces as both a superhero and an individual trying to find his place in the world.

With each issue, readers are taken on a thrilling journey that combines suspense, action, and emotional depth. The art showcases Tim’s various looks from over the years, thanks to the team of skilled artists involved in the series.

Tim Drake: Robin is a must-read for fans of the DC Universe, offering a fresh perspective on the iconic character and delivering a captivating storyline that keeps readers hooked from start to finish. It’s a comic book series that brings the world’s favorite Robin back into the spotlight, reminding us why Tim Drake holds a special place in our hearts.


Tim Drake: Robin is a must-read for fans of the DC Universe, especially those who have been eagerly awaiting Tim Drake’s return to the forefront. Meghan Fitzmartin’s writing captivates readers from the very beginning, with a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The pacing is excellent, seamlessly blending action, suspense, and character development.

The art in this series is nothing short of outstanding. Each artist brings a unique style to the table, and the attention to detail in depicting Tim’s various looks from the ’90s is a treat for long-time fans. The visuals truly enhance the storytelling, adding depth and emotion to every scene.

What sets Tim Drake: Robin apart is the way it explores Tim’s personal growth and the challenges he faces as a hero. The series delves into his relationships and the sacrifices he must make to protect those he cares about. It’s refreshing to see a superhero who grapples with real-life dilemmas while juggling the responsibilities of being a crime-fighter.

Tim Drake: Robin is a thrilling and enjoyable comic book series that revitalizes the character and provides fans with a fresh perspective on the iconic Robin. With its compelling storyline, stellar artwork, and nuanced character development, this series is a must-add to any comic book enthusiast’s collection. Don’t miss out on the adventures of the world’s favorite Robin!

Tim Drake Robin Read Online or PDF Download

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