UFS Prospectus 2024 PDF Download

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The UFS prospectus 2024 pdf is follows a similar structure to previous years.

A university prospectus is a document that provides detailed information about a university’s academic programs, admission requirements, fees, and other important information for prospective students.

UFS Prospectus 2024 PDF Download
UFS Prospectus 2024 PDF Download

UFS Prospectus 2024


The UFS prospectus 2024 begins with a disclaimer, stating that the information provided in the prospectus is subject to change and should be verified with the university. This is followed by a message from the Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Prof Francis Petersen, welcoming prospective students to the university.

Campuses of the University

The prospectus provides an overview of the Free State, highlighting its unique features and attractions. This is followed by a description of the different campuses of the university, including the Bloemfontein Campus, Qwaqwa Campus, and South Campus. Each campus has its own section, providing information about the facilities, services, and programs available.

Why is the University of the Free State Your Best Choice?

The UFS prospectus 2024 also provides information about why the university is the best choice for prospective students. This section highlights the university’s academic excellence, research opportunities, and unique features.

Faculty-Specific Admission Requirements

The prospectus includes faculty-specific admission requirements for the different faculties at the university. This information includes the academic requirements, prerequisites, and other requirements for admission to each faculty. The different faculties at UFS are the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of the Humanities, and Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Alternative access to higher-education studies

The UFS prospectus 2024 provides information about alternative access to higher education studies. This section provides information about bridging courses, distance learning, and other programs designed to provide access to higher education for students who may not meet the traditional admission requirements.

Application and Admission to the UFS

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The prospectus also provides information about the application and admission process for UFS. This includes information about the different application methods, required documents, and deadlines for applications.

International Students

International students may find the prospectus helpful in providing information about admission requirements, visa requirements, and other important information for studying at UFS.

Secure Financial Aid (bursaries) for your Studies
The prospectus provides information about financial aid and scholarships available to UFS students. This includes information about bursaries, loans, and other financial support programs.

Student Fees 2024

It provides information about student fees and the cost of attendance. This may include information about tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other expenses associated with attending the university.
Housing and Residence Affairs – your home away from home

It provides information about housing and residence affairs at UFS. This may include information about on-campus residences, off-campus accommodation, and other housing options available to students.
It provides information about student life and support services available to students. This may include information about student organizations, sports teams, counselling services, and other resources available to students.


Overall, the UFS prospectus 2024 is a comprehensive document providing prospective students with all the information they need to make an informed decision about attending the university. The other areas covered in the prospectus are:

  • Recognition of prior learning
  • Central Academic Advising Office (Centre for Teaching and Learning)
  • Compulsory National Benchmark Tests (NBT)
  • 63 Payments prior to registration
  • Estimated programme costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Application for residence accommodation
  • Placement policy
  • Off-campus accredited accommodation
  • Student communities
  • On-campus residences
  • Co-ed residences
  • Day residences
  • Kovsielife
  • Student Affairs
  • Centre for Universal Access and Disability Support (CUADS)
  • Arts and Culture
  • Student life programmes
  • Kovsie ACT
  • Student Counselling and Development
  • Student Media
  • Student associations
  • KovsieSport
  • Liabilities


  • Quick Reference: Important contact numbers for Bloemfontein and South Campus
  • Quick Reference: Important contact numbers for Qwaqwa Campus

UFS Prospectus 2024 PDF Download

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